Friday, June 17, 2016

More dates to come

Morning ... saw DOW minus 170 when I was having a MW-meeting with friends and I went long DOW30 ... but closed it off. It closed plus 92. Wow ... rebound in play soon?

I have just cut-loss my holding yesterday when KLCI broken support 1620 ... and shorted the FKLI. Oh boy ... have to force to close my shorts later. Yes, losing a lot in FKLI ... it is time to quit trading FKLI? Hmm .... been saying that since a year ago.

Lunch-date : Yesterday I brought my ex-colleague to my fav banana-leaf rice shop ... had good lunch with her, while talking about "how to capitalise in market crash". She will be my investor ... helping her to gain huge when market to crash. Yeah ... as she is my friend, it is base on 'trust' as she knew she can trust me (and I could trust her too).

Dinner-date : Tonight I will have a dinner with my two e-learners. They just finished an online 5-month session with me. I am going to start a new session(cohort-4 ... my 4th batch) but will shorten it to 4-month as Dec is a holiday month!! Join me in my e-learning ... in my belief, the BEST way to learn is continuously for MONTHS ... seeing up and down, in weekly basis ... and can ASK question for 5 months!! Many thanked me for guiding them ... as many are totally new in technical charting. I will get their testimonials tonight ... and post it in my 'testimonial' page. Nah .. I dislike FAKE testimonials ... and promoting using those marketing way. I prefer REAL and SINCERE human ... it is OK for me not to have many "sales" ... as I will be surrounded by REAL good human.

There were bad-humans hurt me ... condemned and wronged me ... I will let go and move on. More important things to do ...

Anyway, if one wish to join my e-learning group ... contact me please. Thx

Time to take a nap ... and meet my dates tonight.

Note : I have sold most of stocks ... and time to rest and check again next week.


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