Monday, June 13, 2016

Cohort 21 : Next workshop in plan

Monday morning ... it is back to school ... and back to work/office for many. Most of my tuition-classes stopped as they have taken their exams... looking for new tuition classes (O-level and A-level Maths).

So ... I m kinda free this week ... to update the funds and my trading-list.

Cohort-21 : Also ... planning for my next trading-workshop ... perhaps, begin of July? Anyone interested to know, let me know. Learn simple technical-indicators, support-resistance, candlesticks, set-up ... trading plan ... and I will guide to move away from KLSE where one could only "long". Move to futures or US (using CFD, Options) ... we could "short" (sell first, buy back lower)

9.15 am : KLCI suddenly DIVES ... minus 15points at the moment, watch 1620 support, ok? I missed MISC diving moments ago ...

Maxis : Formed a hanging-man last Friday ... a last call to SELL Maxis to my trading-group. Hit RM5.60 now ... support. I will be watching ... perhaps, if could break RM5.30 and below might attracts me to buy in huge again ... I have sold all Maxis with last portion done last week as I m seeing market(KLCI) to correct ... yup, it dives today!!

Short FKLI would be good .... and now wait to long FKLI when it rebounded. For FKLI, every 1 point = RM50 (capital needed RM4500). A dive of 10points, if could short ... would be RM500 = 10% for one trade, ok?

Where am I?

Yes ... I am free to conduct a trading workshop (tentative planning 2nd/3rd July). It is a workshop ... NOT teaching indicators or moving-averages or even chart-patterns!! It is a workshop to train a person who wish to be a TRADER ... in FUTURE(after 3 years of consistency of learning). No ... I m a NON-believer in those 2-3 days workshop, charging few thousands!! NO ONE could learn trading in days leh ... wake up, you could learn indicators and such from INTERNET (don't know ... follow my learning corner where I will slowly compile my writings on that ...). What we need is DETERMINATION to learn ... and I could only guide those who wish to learn. I have met many ... all they wanted is TIPS ... and do not bother about learning at all.

I have also met so so many who paid thousands ... attended some workshops, bought some softwares ... yet, most of them no longer continue in trading. ASK THEM WHY ... definitely you know few of them ... but I knew many more as I took efforts to ask.

Just make sure we are determined enough to stay FOCUS in our own learning. Are you sure you want to be FULL-time trader at home? Then ... it is NOT a choice, learning is a must ... and get opinions from many others, do lots of homework ... and you shall survive!! It is hard to survive ... without guidance and clues ...

It is 10am .. I need to go to gym(legs still pain due to yesterday's run) ... and back before 10.30am for FCPO.

Yup .. the joy of working at home ,... staying in condo with gym facilities!


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