Wednesday, June 15, 2016

KLCI at support

Morning ... DOW minus 50plus points ... I m out of shorting DOW30. We shall see if DOW will rebound tonight. As short-term day-trader ... we should close our positions ... win or lose.

KLCI daily chart ... reaching 1620 support now ... what is next? From my RSI list for index-linked ... it didn't show we are in oversold yet. So, no buying for me. Wait ... till 1600 level, perhaps.

Genting broken RM8.20 ... more downside and worth stalking her ... around RM7.80. For traders, can take Genting-wa (this is a warrant). Will update Genting into "stock-watch" page when RSI going below 30. It is at RSI 35.5 at the moment.

Nothing much to buy ... while my smaller-caps from profits to cost/losses now. Market sentiment is not good ... buy during bad sentiment period ... and sell when markets looks bright!!

Ok ... time to go out to meet an investor (coffee-date).


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