Sunday, June 26, 2016

Index-Linked Fund(ILF)

One more week of June to go ... I am not prepared for JULY, actually. Looking at many charts Brexit ... many rebounded from the Friday morning selldown.

Earlier, I have sold Maxis, IOICorp, UMW, BAT ... after the buy in mid-May call.

CIMB : I managed to sell all my CIMB in the morning RM4.30-RM4.33 before it dived to support RM4.20 ... but recovered.

SKPetrol : I sold her off in the morning too ... at cost price.

ALL the stocks for the funds generating profits tho small ... and with SK my last selling, I m fully in cash again.

I have created this funds mid-2015 ... so, it is one year old. I will be updating the performance by end of June. So, I will not be buying anything till JULY.

KLCI : 1st JULY opening at 1709.77 and currently at 1634.05, down by 75.72 (or minus 4.4%)

Conditions : Only buy 30-index-linked counters (Hapseng replaced UMW, by the way) when KLCI having selling down and oversold.

Simple conditions ... doing good and could improve. Market is challenging and I would rather trade-less ... and focus in fewer stocks.

At the moment, I will be focusing into DOW30 and the counters trading in the 30-index-linked. This one is better as I could short-sell any of the counters which overbought.

Another week to go ... I have many things in mind. I need to be discipline to make a routine to be more efficient.

We shall see if tmr it is crumbling down as DOW minus 600points... our KLCI is the best index around!!

Till tmr ...


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