Saturday, June 11, 2016

I am just a blogger

Morning ... I m using "blogger" ... a free blog. It has been for years ... since 2008, to be exact. Yes ... since blogsome "disappeared" from the cyber-space. I used to blog using blogsome and Xanga ... and it is about my teaching-days when I was in Sabah. That was like ... since 2002?

Way before blogspot(by blogger) created ... I blogged using forums. Yeah ... till today, after blogging for 15-20 years ... I still do not understand MANY terms ... example : hosting, domains ... what-have-you. I am just a blogger ... not creating a site to sell (online-shop) anything ... it is a way introverts express themselves .... by writing their thoughts ... just like decades ago, we have what we called "DIARY".

Yeah ... till today, I really prefer to write a diary ... a journey of my trading, recorded in daily basis. Yes ... I will just sit there ... write and write and write ... if given 'free' time ... I will just let my thoughts flow ... and my few fingers to move(by the way, I m typing these lines with 4-5 fingers only).

No particular topics for the day ... no pre-planned post or even pre-set the time to release the post! hey, it is 'live' and I like it natural ...

But ... that is NOT what I was told ... people/readers do not want the random-ness in a blog ... readers come to view our blogs for their interests or values. We need to CATER for their needs!! Blah-blah ...

over the years ... I have TRIED to change myself(haha ... you should see how I blogged some 10years ago ... really a personal diary!! ) ... I have refrained myself from use some not-so-pleasant words ... or perhaps, LESS blunt. Also ... I have taken 'politics' away from my posts ... that is one emotional-hell we all going through ... having shit-head leaders. Ooppss ... better don't go to that level again.

Where am I? Yes ... I m just a blogger ... majority of readers out there could NOT understand what a REAL blogger does ... we BLOG.

We write .. and write .. even no one is reading. That is REAL bloggers do ... we write in the space provided, without any intention to offend anyone ... or to create 'havoc' ... we wish for freedom of speech we will NEVER have as long as we are in Malaysia. I longed for freedom to write ... anything I wanted ... without prejudice, without favour.

But ... I was too na├»ve. Really 'tin-chan' kinda person. The world is no longer so simple ... people have been much more complicated in their thinking, complex and so .... what is the word liao ar? Yes ... sophisticated. See .. the lacking in my vocab ... and my not-so-good grammar didn't stop me from blogging! haha ... I m a simple person ... I like simple words ... u faham, I faham ... cukup. Nothing need to show-off.

10.30am : I am at Sunway Pyramid now ... brought my girl(and mommy) for the Barbie-activities while continuing my blog at Popular here, reading The Star-biz and baby-sitting my boy.

So ... being a blogger, I like to write whatever I enjoy ... anywhere I like ... and yes, anytime!! But then ... many limitations and restrictions seeped in ... cannot write about dunggu-korupsi la ... cannot comment on the failing education system la ... cannot expose many scams or syndicates la ... itu tak-boleh, ini tak baik di-expose-kan ... cannot just post it off without edit-la ... then only continue again later as readers cannot follow la. zzzz ... slowly, blogging is commercialising ... and blogs being used as platforms for you-know-who to profit from the ignorant. Most bloggers now writing to earn passive-income(how how ... teach me??) and internet-marketing teaching about SEO ... must write with KEYWORDs (haha ... world becoming so into these trends ... another evidence of stupidity of human-unkind) so that your blog will attract readers!!

Look ... a real blogger will write EVEN there is NO READER. That is real blogger ... if you are reading many NEW bloggers created blogs in forums ... they have BIZ-operational-mind ... and to GAIN $$ from their blogs!! I know .. I know ... loud voice screaming at me ... you mean ... YOU WRITE BLOG for NOTHING?

Yup ... real bloggers write for PASSION of SHARING ... and if you are a person who used to write a diary when you were VERY young, you will understand why they wrote their diary, ok? You corrupted-money-based brain could not comprehend why would anyone do something for nothing!! You have LOST your youthful-ness .... your passions ... your HEART .... into this ILLUSIONED world ... with materials in your mind.

I am not going to argue with that ... I have enough closed people telling me why I m wasting my time blogging ... I have enough people telling me that ACTUALLY I could monetised my blog ... perhaps, at least SELL spaces to advertisers to earn passive-income. And ... yup, I have thought of that too.

Advertisement : Can you see the some google-ads on my blog? Click on it ... perhaps that will earn me few-cents, I think. I have not checked my ad-sense for a year plus!

Then ... why bother to write a blog?

To voice out our thoughts ... to share with few readers our opinions. To get feedback that might benefit us ... to ... to ... I cant think of the WHYs ... it is natural? if you are a REAL blogger, you will understand what I m trying to say here. If not ... never mind. Move on.

I think I m losing my plots ... I started to write WHY I am a blogger ... but, it is not possible to understand unless I explain what a BLOG is. And my brain cant work well, sitting at Popular Book Store to write!!

Yes ... we need quiet time ... we need our space ... to be creative and the words will flow more naturally. Not now.

Euro 2016 started ... time to watch some games.

Enjoy the weekend ... I may find the 'inspiration' to write again later ... as I will be idling here at Pyramid for whole long day!! haha.


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