Thursday, June 09, 2016

Fund managing

Morning to the news that DOW hit above 18,000. Crude oil moving above USD50 now. USD down ... so, 1USD = MYR 4.02 now.

So ... KLCI should be bullish, right?

While I have managed to lock-in profits for Maxis ... I am left with IOICorp to take profit today. Yes, the sell in mid-June mentality now ...

IOICorp : Been collecting below RM4.20 last month ... time to sell and wait for next pullback.

Funds : If we are managing RM10k ... it will be 'easier' ... we could punt here and there ... but if we have RM100k to manage, we might need to diversify and making sure we buy only good stocks for trading purposes.

If we are managing RM1mil ... that would be much more difficult. It is heavier ... as we definitely need to be more 'careful'.

As Tan Teng Boo's icapital is managing hundred-of-millions (or is it billions?), it will be definitely a different ball-game, which majority of his strong critics could not understand. All I heard is ... he is not buying anything!! But he is charging management-fees!!

TTB is in different league ... I respected him highly as not many could sit on his position. It is very stressful ... and to maintain our stand against the majority. Some of his 'clients' may pull their funds out .... but I will see that he is being patient ... wait for market to crash and buy CHEAPLY many good stocks. Why not? A very good strategy which needs lot of patience.

Seriously, it is not easy to manage other's people money. Also ... it is definitely not easy to manage large funds such as RM1mil ... or RM100mil?

If a fund could give us anything above 8% p.a, I would say it is very good. If we could wait for market to crash ... then, it would be easier to buy-hold. At current level ... it will be very risky to hold. Put the trailing-stop to take profits in any stocks we bought. Capital preservation is priority.

Fund managing is challenging ... but I will like to walk to TTB and ask him to give me a position!! I will work hard to make his funds work ... how about offering me RM1mil to start with?

Any fund-managing companies wish to look for someone to manage some funds? I m willing to be 'employed'. Making that my 'full-time' ... trading ... I could slowly release off my Math-tuition(I still love my teaching!!) ... and my trading-adventure would go to next level ...

Look forward positively for any response ...


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