Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Focus in my tuition-biz

2.50pm : Noon ... KLCI recovering, no panic selling seen tho DOW minus 260 points after a 610 points drop. Well ... local funds supporting, window-dressing for end-June, I guess.

SKPetrol : At the moment, rebounded well ... 1.37-1.38 now.

I am still not buying ... as I will wait for few more days to see more stories or dramas .. we will never know.

The joke of the day is England lost to Iceland ... and Brexit. The only country to exit euro twice in a week. Hmm ....

Today ... I locked myself in the office, clearing the store-room ... and I shall start my tuition classes by next week. Need to focus in my tuition-classes and promoting myself!! Also ... the plan of the new center ... will get myself busy on that.

Those looking for A-level tuition can call the number 016-373 1709. And those looking for good Math tutor (any level) can contact me personally.

I have to work harder now to collect and save more bullets ... anticipating the crash to come.

Yes ... as market is not going to be bullish or limited upside, it is time to slow-down and swift my focus into preparation for the crash, while focus in my tuition-biz.

SKPetrol at 1.40 now ... wow. What a rebound.

Anyway, this Saturday market-talk : Preparation for market-crash is ON. Those interested can contact me. Time is 2pm.

Got to run again.


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