Sunday, June 12, 2016

Drop-Down : How to create one?

Sunday morning ... went for a charity run (I walked all the way ... so, it is kinda Sunday pain-dragging walk for me! haha). Brought my boy ... and he is one of the very few kids around. Mostly are Taylor's students ...

Well ... it is for Charity, organised by my ex-company ... so, I joined to support. Ouch ... my knee ...

The details of the events :

I could not find a stock with this code ... so, it is not a signal to BUY.

Anyone ... time to rest at home, reading my trading books while preparing for next week.

Drop-Down : I am trying to organise my blog(haha ... after years without updates!!) ... and like the drop-down idea .... but but ... I do not know how. Well, I went to watch few youtube on HOW-TO ... tried but failed. Perhaps I m too stupid ... no no ... I know I m IT-idiot, perhaps I just need someone to 'help' me ... see if I could get someone willing to show/teach me how to create a drop-down for my blog.

Then ... yesterday, I 'accidentally' created pages, instead. Haha ... As we are learning to do something, we might discover something else ... page may not be the 'best' ... but till I know how to create a drop-down, I will use those pages!!

By the way, only YESTERDAY ... I got to know it is called a 'drop-down' after years of blogging. Haha. Silly me ... but I m still learning.

Have nice Sunday.


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