Monday, June 20, 2016

DOW futures up 150 +

9.30am : Monday morning ... DOW futures up 160points as I m writing here, settling down after watching FKLI gapped up(my short not done) and now ... back to reality, and I just longed. FKLI.

KLCI daily chart showing a bullish reversal candle nearing to support. With stochastic going to be bullish crossover, it is a LONG for FKLI. When it rebounded well some 2-3 weeks ago, I sold all my index-linked counters and started to buy into second-liners such as 3A and Econbhd. I didn't manage to sell for profits and they came down .... and I have to cut-loss instead. Yes, I m still needing to learn to be DISCIPLINE to CUT LOSS.

If one is to learn candlesticks reversal patterns ... do not need to pay money to those trainers in the course, ok? Search internet ... "reversal candlesticks" ... the list is long. is one good website for us to learn (if u wish to, but by reading these .. it is NOT enough. It provides us with basic knowledge)

Many of times we wondered ... WHY candlesticks failed, especially in KLSE? The answer could be liquidity and time-frame.

Anyway, we have a reversal candlestick there in DAILY KLCI chart. I longed FKLI and we shall see the results later (or in few days time).

As for FCPO ... I longed overnight during closing last Friday. As I said, these futures is too difficult for me to understand. So, I tried my best to follow candlesticks and few(minimal) indicators.

Ok ... it is Monday morning ... I m going to gym, back for FCPO ... and going to be more hardworking to reply ALL e-mail, updates the KIV groups for e-learning and details of my coming workshop.



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