Saturday, June 18, 2016

Coffee-date with young e-learners

I am alone ... sent my boy for his chess-class and waiting here for coffee and bun time, checking some of the charts ... listening to some songs(thru youtube) while ... getting ready to blog.

Yeah ... something I like doing, actually. This is the moment I cherish ... my "alone-time". Did I tell you that I m an introvert? In case most thought I met hundreds and like those crowds. Yes ... meeting nice people enriching my life ... but the alone-time is the moment I enjoyed ... and writing here NOW simple amazing ... able to jot-down my thoughts, clustering upstairs.

I will want to share a little about my last night's dates ... with two young e-tratles (those joined my e-learning)... we shall named them AG and BL.

AG is working with a media company ... 25 years old, with 3 years in market but he is NOT regular ... well, he bought 3 stocks some 3 years ago, cut-loss one and holding another two. More on that later.

BL is a programmer ... and very active in markets, with 2 years in market experience. He is actively buy-sell ... a trader in making and ... well, met me to ask many questions. Great!!

As usual, I forgotten to take photos ... hmm ... need to make a reminder to take photos with those I met.

We met at coffee-bean while  my wife-kids went for a movie, "Finding Nemo" ... err .. Dory, I mean. Sorry ... I have short-term memory lost. haha.

My Frozen-wrapped girl enjoyed the movie ... and started to know how to read few words! Great ...

Anyway, back to the meeting with the two young guys. They attended my recent e-learning program ... which lasted 5 months!! Yes, weekly (Wednesday 9pm to 10.30pm) ... online while I tried to guide these newbies what is needed to be a trader, or at least ... learn basic concepts of trading with charts.

What is the topic I shared with them , besides few questions by BL?

Yes ... my experiences in my initial years .. from Dec2007 ... seeing the crash in 2008 (lost 70% plus of my funds) ... wake up call, pumped in fresh funds and ride on the recovery in 2009. I went to HKSE and US and that was the best decision back then .... it was LUCK as I was still a total newbie, know nothing much about technical or fundamentals (I bought LVS ... CWP, LingBao and more).

Yes ... one of the question is ... HOW do I managed to recover from the crash 2008 and being so well now? Well .. I did not fully recovered yet (haha) ... the most painful moments of losing a god friend, a doc ... JL. That pain will always with me ... we gained so much that I guided him ... went to hospital in midnights to coach him(my friend ma) ... and finally, he did not honour his words(profit-sharing ... he supposed to pay me HALF of the profits gained, see?)

I did recovered from the losses ... MONEY .. we could recover back, but not friendships ruined by MONEY (and TRUST). That was ... 2009.

So ... I advised them ... for first 5 years, LEARN as much as possible. As the crash is nearing, advising them to join my stock-watch group (BL is, AG is not yet) and see through the crash with me ... I could only guide, one needs to practise patience(and discipline) too. Then ... after this crash ... I will want to retire from the trading .. and do my charity work!!

The knowledge and experiences they acquired will see them doing well ... for the NEXT crash .. anywhere in the world!! Yes ... I will only be back to market when I smell opportunities to trade. I will prefer to write this blog, fill it with my talks(sharing with public... my stories .. might write a book) and charity work.

Yes ... every newbie should take at least 5 years of consistent work on acquiring knowledge and ignore those noisy forums (until you are knowledgeable, sensible, logical enough to understand how markets being 'operated' .... and know how to filter).

Yes, nothing else matters ... we should FOCUS more in our own journey and what we are doing. Are we doing good and tried our best?

BL asked many questions ... the most important question could be " CP, what else should we be learning from here?"

Information over-load ... I  told them to FOCUS in what they are comfortable. Do not believe in many out there SELLING their softwares ... or thousands-ringgit trading-courses. Plenty of BS human out there ... especially those using forums. Trust few .. use little of indicators ... focus in 1-2 strategies ... and do not sway away!! That is difficult ... coming from the person who tried many instruments etc etc ..,. well, I do not have a mentor ... now, being their mentor ... I could only try to tell truth.

TRUTH is very difficult to find in stock-markets as it involved MONEY. There are so many promoters out their, giving you good feel ... good packaging. So ... that will be a piece advice to newbies ... avoid forums, avoid blogs ... nothing comes easy.

IF the software could work so well, WHY would they busy SELLING? C'mon ... use common-sense. WHY would banks paying millions for employing analysts, fund-managers and traders? BANKS should just buy the system and .. bingo ... huat ar!! Banks huat, anyway .... but not us who being so naïve (without lack of senses) to believe in software!!

Ask the promoter to STOP selling to earn commission ... tell them to be fund-managers ... if they could really gain 6% per month as claims, MANY FUNDS will be letting them to manage. Please call me ... as I will place ALL my funds there too!! Hmm ... logical?

Time to fetch my boy .... many more things I want to share here as talking to young (below 30) newbies is interesting. They asked good novice questions!!

Have a nice weekend ... Happy Daddy's day, all.


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