Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Changing focus

Good morning to a green day ... market recovering with DOW plus 270 points!! Yeah ... KLCI well-supported as end-June window-dressing up by local funds.

It is not a fun time for me ... it is nagging and stressful.

I have to updates all the funds, and my trading funds registering losses(no thanks to daring venture into HKSE and lost) ... while all the other ILF(index-linked funds) making good returns of 6%-22% for past one year. My trading funds started some 2 yrs ago ... where in first year, generating 6% profits ... yeah, I m using these funds to gather much needed knowledge on how to manage larger funds ... to manage RM10k is OK ... but to manage RM100k is different risk-management.

Over the years of failing ... I have grown to be wiser(I hope!!) ... FAILURES ... in the process of understanding trading and investments. It is much needed experiences, paying painful losses ... and lessons. But ... it is these difficult times ... we have to pull-up our socks ... and IMPROVE.

With-standing the adversity ... staying in-touch with things we are doing, and doing better ... we could only improve. No doubt that we have made blunders, un-forgivable stupid mistakes, taken un-necessary risk ... but seeing it positively, these are NEEDED ... in preparing for the hardest of time --- market CRASH.

I have reduced trading ... as in such difficult situation ... indicators failing me. I am avoiding small-caps ... and the only theme play now might be 'constructions'. So ... shifting of FOCUS now ... back to basic, trading blue-chips and index-linked only.

2016 is tough year ahead ... 2017 would be tougher, I guess.

As I have to focus in setting up my new tuition-center, I have created a new blog for it too last night!! Yeah ... just do it ... as it is something I like doing, sharing my knowledge to students ... trading workshop? Well ... in bad markets, not many want to learn about trading (it should be the other way round leh ... bullish market over the years, MANY sifus coming out ... bad markets is the time we LEARN and be in markets!!) ... so, I will only have trading workshop if I have requests or the numbers.

My focus will be writing blogs .... this ONE and my tuition-page. My focus will be on preparation for market crash (and meeting more for coffee-talk). My focus will be to grow the number of students for my tuition classes. These are my focus for 2016-2017.

How about trading? Yes ... move to trade US (to open  an account with ADS, one may contact me ... I will pass ur number to the remisier) ... as US is more liquid and better for trading. For KLSE ... well, trade blue-chips during sharp correction or opportunities (such as BAT recently).

There ... will read this book ... to remind me to be FOCUS. It is not easy to focus due to many things I m handling and also distractions.

Facebook groups : I have deleted many groups yesterday ...

1. Book-sharing groups : I have a group ... trying to share books I read thru online ... it failed I m lack of focus and not consistent with my schedules ... created last year, dormant for months. Closed. I will create another NEW book-sharing group soon ... as I like this IDEA ... sharing a trading-investment book, read ... and discuss with audience --- and yes, thru online to reach out to many readers out there.

2. Charity group : I have closed the 'charity' group too ... that doesn't mean I m not going to do any charity ... charity for me is from 'heart', not to be pressured to  do it. So ... no need to announce to others when I m going to do what ... but yes, most members in the charity-group are my FB friends who have been kind(with donations too) and supportive towards my charitable cause. I will be doing ... in small scales, but one day .... when I retired financially well, I will want to get involved.

3. e-learning groups : I have deleted many KIV and old groups ... except for my latest up-coming e-learning group ... yes, those interested to learn trading thru online for small fees (duration is 4-5 months ... weekly basis). All the other old groups closed. Will promote my cohort-4 e-learning further.

4. Math-group : Tried to create that ... but not reaching out to many students. Failed in marketing. Closed.

5. Futures-trading group : Failed to promote as personally I m not doing too good too. So ... I have closed it and day-trading is too stressful, too time-consuming too.

While I m clearing my Facebook and store-room yesterday, I will also delete few of my other blogs ... while maintaining (I just renewed the fees) for occasional posts. I m uploading the weekly e-meeting there too, it will be good to keep all my tracks.

Too many things ... drowning me. So ... after whole day of thinking ... I made few decisions to clear those dormant ... accept the failures, the consequences ... and move on. Decision making made with my FOCUS in market-crash's preparation. CLEAR. CUT. DELETE.

It is almost 8.15am ... time for me to plan for the trading for today. Nothing much, actually ... as I m still staying side-way.

Wait .. there is a stock named : FOCUS

FOCUS : Once in a while, they push and goring her ... back to low 5cents level ... will they re-focus in goring her in weeks/months to come?
Happy trading.


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anonymax said...

mr teh do add me in your book-sharing group. i would love that