Friday, June 24, 2016

BREXIT .... markets tumbling

1.20pm : Noon ... reporting that Brexit wins ... markets dive and gold surging ...  good opportunities ahead.

Will be busy again tonight ... I shorted DOW yesterday ... and covered too early. What a test of patience if we want to earn huge ... and to BIG SHORT it? Nah ... one minor lot earn us 'small' but good for traders. I need to learn to short larger and hold longer. This is one of my practice and preparation for market-crash ... yes, that is why I m moving to US where we could short.

I see this as hiccup and opportunities to buy. Yes, I exited most of my stocks ahead of this uncertain times ... no joke, we don't know which way it could go, ok?

It is so difficult ... to go for BIG SHORT. In theory, it sounds great idea ... in reality, we are too small ... too naïve and too emotional.

I shall leave this post as a note that this is NOTHING ... we have yet to see the crash.

No worry ... we shall watch it together.


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Edmund Koh said...

Hi, Me again.
There might be more to come. US presidential election might happen in the same way.
See next few days whether donald trump say anything about brexit.