Monday, June 20, 2016

Brexit fear : A buy?

DOW futures continue to surge ... ahead of Brexit decision.

Some asked what is DOW-futures and where could we view that?

I think the WHERE to find is ... basic. With internet world, everything is at our finger tips. But ... to understand HOW the DOW futures related to our index or particular sectors/stocks, that is the greater challenge.

MBSB : As warned to cut-loss if below RM1.10, today it is hitting RM1.05, many investors viewed the right-issues as NOT good ... and exit instead of paying more money to support the company they invested. Technically, once the support broken last Thu, it is a sell.

This is reminded me of DRBHcom ... Armada and many more. They may never recover to our "cost price" if we bought much higher. If we are at 50% paperloss, we need the miracle of the stock to recover 100% ... Think of it that way.

Market NOT crash yet ... where are we going to find fresh-funds to average down many of those stocks we are stuck into?

Once this logic strikes us ... we will know that many of the current price of stocks WILL be lowered much more when market is to crash.

We could only watch ... without plans, we could not 'survive'. I have that 2008 experiences ... it is bad and painful ... but valuable to understand the current situation ... trade less, trade good fundamental blue-chips ... trade those in THEME play.

Let go of those where the theme is over OR those speculative counters where we do not to HOPE it will ever recover. During crash ... some of these counters might be de-listed. Understand fundamental is basic ... for investing and trading.

Just sent out an ALERT about Vivocom to my trading group as some of them might be goring-ed her. Once breakdown 22cents .... we shall see huge downside.

Yup ... there are many pushing it up and promoted it. Sure win? Someone asking me should he be buying? It is that HOT.


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