Friday, May 20, 2016

Waterfalls : Swak counters

It has been in alert that Sarawak counters been diving since ... before Swak election. Triggered by the giant CMSB (Cahya Mata), many more tumbling down and created the domino-effects.

CMSB : The weekly chart showing the selldown, which I tried to catch ... and have to cut-loss when it broken RM4. At RM3.30 level now, it is still in my stalk-list ... waiting for rebound to come.

Note : CMSB came up from RM1.40 to RM5.80 ... that is huge move. Anything price moves so high MUST be supported by earnings/profits. If not, it will be punished.

Taann : Bad QR out ... and it continues to DIVE ... closed around RM3.90 yesterday and rebounded to hit RM4 this morning. Support at RM3.80 and I m still watching.

Naim : Going into new low level ... at RM1.92 level. No catch for me yet. Wait

HSL : Another counter being bashed up ... waiting ...

DO not try to catch knives. Trade at own risk.


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