Sunday, May 08, 2016

Trading US stocks

One of the main reason I m moving to trading US stocks is ... we could SHORT (Sell first, buy lower) those stocks.

There are many other reasons :

1. Very liquid ... less manipulation

2. Trading hour at nights

3. Using CFD, higher leverage

4. Technically reliable

5. Larger markets

6. Many ETFs

7 ... and so on ...

so, I m going to create a stock-watch for US-stocks soon. It will be free for my current SW members who are following me in trading KLSE's stocks.

Example 1

Citibank : Short at resistance USD47 ... closed at USD44.23. The trading 'fees' (spread) will cost us about USD20. So ... if we shorted at USD47 ... and took profit at USD45 ... that will profit us about USD200.

APPLE : At support and I longed at USD92. What I did was ... parked at USD92 to long, cut-loss if USD91 broken (to lose USD100) before I went to sleep. It managed to closed at USD92.72 ... which giving me a paper-profit of USD72 at the moment. I do have intention to sell at USD94.70 level by next week ... which would be around USD250 profit (first round was USD160 profits recently).

What I will like to say ... while profit is not easy coming in trading in KLSE(can only LONG? less liquid? theme play? manipulated? speculated?) ... we could put CUT-LOSS in trading US-markets.

Will have an e-meeting to promote these to those interested.

Have a nice week ahead.


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