Sunday, May 29, 2016

Top 5 in dividend yields

Always check Investopedia to understand basic terms. Trading into dividend-yield stocks would be good in such volatile markets.

Top 5 in dividend yields (page 11)

1. BJToto : It is ok to accumulate around RM3 level ... and sell around RM3.20-RM3.30.

2. Magnum : Downtrending ... buy-hold ... but I will not recommending her as it is ... moving lower. Perhaps, RM2 will be a better entry.

3. Matrix : Buy during market correction ... say, two-three weeks of sell-down. Be patient .... wait and it most probably will.

4. Carlsberg : Breakout of RM13 ... can buy and targeting RM14.70 level. That would be better than its div-yield.

5. SunReit : Can buy as it breakout into new high now ... strong uptrend too.

Choose your good dividend-yield stocks ... to trade!!



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