Monday, May 23, 2016

Stock Watch : Harta (code 5168)

Harta : She was lagging behind Topglove and Kossan the day I bought at RM3.92 ... and added more last Thu at RM4.02-RM4.04 ...

9.15 am : Sold part at RM4.35 done moments ago. Keeping the another portion to sell above RM4.50. I am asking members to take partial profit too.

Harta is another of my very good trade after BAT recently ... for the technical rebound. The bad trades were in CMSB and GTronic where the rebound failed and I have to cut-loss.

While gloves counters recovering due to the 1USD = MYR4.07 level ... furniture stocks may not.

9.24 am : FLBhd diving 11% ... down from RM2.34 to RM2.06 at the moment, hit RM2.01 .... speculations will follow that KYY selling his stakes?

Checking on the chart ... this is the 4th time it is hitting below RM2.10 ... but today is HUGE long black candlestick.

I am going to avoid the whole sector as I have told all members in the beginning of the year ... the speculation on strengthening in USD (vs MYR) has rallied the whole sector beyond their fundamentals.

Trade at own risk ... it is Monday. I m going to lazy-ing at home ... reading today.


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