Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stock-Watch : DRBHcom (code : 1619)

DRBHcom : Hit 84cents low yesterday ...

DRB weekly chart ... another 70% drop from the recent peak.

Note : That is why CUT-LOSS is a MUST ... whatever stocks we are buying!! Unless you are investing and generating good dividends (as entry price was at low).

I will like to write cut-loss (ver 1.2) soon ... then only most retailers will understand WHY cut-loss even at HUGE losses is needed. Example : IFCA at 50cents today!! That is strong support now .... once 48cents broken, we will see more down-side. IFCA was speculated and overly played .... to TRAP many un-known newbies or un-suspected retailers.

Trade at own risk.


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