Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stock Watch : AT (code : 0072)


Industry: Technology

AT Systematization Berhad. The Group's principal activities are designing and manufacturing of industrial automation systems and machinery. Other activities include fabrication of industrial and engineering parts and investment holding. Operations are carried out in Malaysia and China.

Profit and Loss (P/L) : got to bursa to check on latest quarter reported ... a losing-money company 

Announcement : Reduction of par-value and right-issues 

With the two RED FLAGS ... AT is certainly carries a VERY high risk to buy at current "cheap" price of 0.055 (5.5cents). No fundamental to hold on to the stock!!

Technically, it is at low of 5.5cents, breaking this support level, we could see another selldown. 

In 2013 Sept-Oct, It shot up 200-300% for the pump ... only to be dumped in Nov-Dec 2013!! 

The daily chart speaks clearer ... not-liquid and lowering. 

It is just my advise NOT to bother in it at all. But ... if one bought at 10cents level (or higher), it is difficult to cut-loss ... but still a must if we are not to pump-in more money to go thru the rights or thinking of averaging down?! 

I have learnt many bad lessons ... into buying these 'bad' stocks, betting on the recovery??!!

So ... I am just sharing my past experiences in such stocks --- don't hope or expect recovery! 

Note : To Mr TLK ... it is up to your own decision if you are to cut-loss. Take it as a lesson ... and the lesson is to put CUT-LOSS to every stocks we are trading, especially 2016 onwards as we are heading to more ... uncertainties in stock-markets. Perhaps ... get out totally, learn about fundamental of companies, do learn technical analysis and also .. yes, PLAN our trades. Good luck. 


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