Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Stock Watch : APPLE

AAPL : Trading at strong support of USD92-93 level. I bought last night at this level and hold for recovery. cut-loss if below USD91.50

This is daily chart but not updated yet as Apple closed at 93.65 this morning. Will be selling around USD97-98 level.

I am slowly moving to trade US-stocks as it is more volatile and less manipulations. Also, I could SHORT (sell first, buy later if we think it is going to retrace) ... I could put stop-loss and profit-taking ... making trading automated!! That is what we all traders should do ... rather than watching the prices of stocks. Normally, in day-time ... I m also very busy with classes.

Do homework in the noon ... prepare the trading plans and trade at nights!!

Note : I will be creating a stock-watch group for the US stocks! Join me?


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