Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday blah-blah

1.45 pm : Saturday

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I had a class in the morning ... baby-sitting my boy as he wanted to follow daddy, rather than following mommy to do gotong-royong at sis Sher's school. Had lunch with him, able to find some quiet time to speak to him about his recent exams results.

While waiting for next class (2.30pm), I m penning few lines in this blog. I used to blog ... anytime I wanted too ... and pause ... sent the post to cyber-world ... and continue to write ... edit etc etc.

Well ... that was some years ago ... before my blog being linked to i3-portal. Yeah ... some 5 years ago? Being one of the first blog being there ... the traffic was not as huge as current and the i3-portal was relatively new ( was an old-site I used to be in). Now i3-portal is a very known page ... like a must for most traders-investors alike.

Anyway ... since I do have followers from i3 (tho not many like my blah-blah ... haha), if I posted the 'half' written page ... it will not be re-freshed or updated!! I was told by one of the readers/followers!! I was like ... oh, ok ... hmm ... then, I have to finish a post with limited time I have ... rushing thru the page ... and could not do any updating or continuation ? I seldom edit ... grammatical errors, spelling mistakes ... or etc.

Yes ... I was more into my own world ... of blogging. I m speaking to myself, pouring it out naturally my thought through this personal blog of mine ... I created this My Trading Adventure in Aug 2008, to observe my trades and recording the crash ... the process of how a TOTAL newbie lecturer who knew NOTHING about financial-markets(or even personal finance) when thru the struggles of every newbies ... when they first ... moving into stock-markets!! And yes ... it was a personal-blog, with no intention to create crowds ... was very uncomfortable with the preying eyes and more of such.

Scary to me ... I m exposed!! Wait a minute ... who cares!! haha ... so ... I was naïve in blogging-sphere. I really thought I could hide myself and someone suggested that I could use the 'hide' function to make it private or sharing with only those 'friends' ... or real supporters-readers.

I have changed so much since then ... I started to embrace the criticism ... started to ignore many bad comments and also ...moved out of i3-forums(got into an entanglement with a nick called 'Lamken' when he was luring many into to buy JCY and targeting RM4 back then ... well, I was tired).

So ... to stay low-profile, away from the noisy forums (i3, RHB-chat, tradesignum, CNX and more) ... I simply walked out ... and focus in my own blog. Yeah ... it is my sanctuary, my home ... a place where I used to be able to write ... freely ... without much restrictions ... I could wash dirty-laundry without many watching, anyway. I had about 30 readers per day ... way back in 2009.

Today, I still get around 100-200 page-views. Oh yes, I used to think that was number of readers!! It is number of views ... could be from the same reader ... clicking on my blog-page on the same day!! So ... the number of readers is less than the page-views, of coz. Silly me ...

I am still ... myself. A simple teacher ... who is a blogger. I blog since ... hmm ... some 15yrs ago!! I love my teaching ... been teaching since graduated. And I enjoy trading very much .... everyday since 2008. So ... many things I m doing are natural. I simply enjoy being simple ... and cant think of any better way of living.

I could never understand why many argue, quarrel, curse, condemn, insult, disgust, upset, angry ... all those bad things human doing in forums and ... lives. I could never want to be part of those complicated systems ... selling or marketing. Those many sifus-gurus trying to market themselves, out-beat each others ... and battle it out on some 'facts'.

I choose to move away ... inner peace is more valuable to me.

Yes ... others should not be affecting our emotions, especially the bad/negative ones. We should move away from negativity of the world/surrounding offering. And ... I chose to move away from noisy forums.

Market up ... market down. Over the years ... and for recent times, many started to yell about market CRASH ... one day, they will be right, anyway. It is very noisy ... very very distracting. We are talking about global economies ... low oil-price, international trades, currencies wars ... negative interest rates, qualitative easing ... stimulus packages ... embargo ... meetings ... to the local issues such as 1MDB or political dis-array. Oh boy ... too huge for any of us ... man on the street to understand, anyway.

We just want to know ... trading. Can I buy this XYZ stocks at current level and to sell for profit at what level? What if the trades going against us ... and we have to force ourselves to bite the bullets? Will we ever survive the market volatilities? That is our concern ...

Will Trump becoming next US president?

etc etc ...

Simply too huge for us to comprehend.

Anyway ... glad I could blog a short blah-blah post while waiting for my next class. Feeling more relax, knowing that I could get some of the cluster upstairs ... out into this page! haha.

Time to pen-off.

Have a nice weekend ... and see Monday if KLCI to break 1620 as DOW minus 185 points last night!!


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