Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sarawak counters (updates)

Updates on S'wak counters : CMSB, Dayang, HSL, Naim, Scable, WTK

MAY 2013 news :

CMSB(code : 2852): Another black candle for the week. Though stochastic showing the stock price is oversold, no sign of reversal(yet). Watch.

Dayang : Peaked around RM3.75 ... dived to RM1, rebounded to RM1.35 level(which I missed) and now ... coming back to RM1 level. It closed at RM1.12 level yesterday. I have avoided O&G counters for few months now, watching as crude-oil above USD48 now (from the low of USD30 level)

HSL : I was watching yesterday for it to hit RM1.60 level to consider to buy but it rebounded to close
 at RM1.75 instead. Technically RM1.60 is a strong support. Reversal in making and we could take the risk of trading HSL next week. Cut-loss if RM1.60 broken, of coz.

Naim : Peaked around RM4.30 ... going below RM2 ... more than 50% retracement. Cut-loss is a MUST if one is buying at high level ... say, place 10% below your entry price, CUT LOSS.

Scable (code 5170) : Closed at RM1.44 .... shall only check at RM1.25 support level

WTK : Currently at RM1.15 level ... not attractive.

Note : I may consider HSL next week. Trade at own risk.


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