Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My groups and activities

Morning ... US market closed last night ... what to write about? Hmm ...

I have my usual e-meeting last night, pointing out again that with 1USD = MYR4.10 now ... we need to be very careful if we are seeing MYR4.50 level. It may takes some time ...

Ok ... seeing the going-on in me at the moment ...

e-learning : I am finishing my current e-learning group soon ... after 5 months with them, lessons shared through online. I am thinking of next e-learning group as I could teach trading at the comfort home ... and could reach out to those out of Klang Valley. ok ... contact me for further details ... will only start if I could have at least 10 participants!! contact

Penang trip : I will be seeing some members on Saturday night (at Prai ... have not booked a place yet). So ... those wish to meet ... can contact me. The topic would be FCPO day-trading and how to prepare for coming market crash. It is not a market-talk ... but chit-chat over a coffee, ok? Buy me a drink. haha.

FCPO : Yes ... I will maintain my focus to day-trade using FCPO ... created a system and will want to discuss about using 5-min chart with another trading-kaki (from Penang). He was from my e-learning group (1st batch) some 3-4 years ago ... and now, technically good.

Stock-watch : This is my trading-group ... with daily updates on my trades, trading plans ... weekly e-meeting to discuss stocks/sectors to consider. I am sharing with them some preparations for market-crash ... that is very important to learn.

US-stocks : I have received few e-mail showing interest ... but personally, I have not been checking on US-stocks since AAPL (it rebounded from USD90 to USD100 now). So ... sorry, I will have to put-on-hold this idea ... but will start soon. In fact, I think I will only open it to those in my stock-watch group. Otherwise, I will attract more noises and un-known individuals with BAD intention. I have know so-so many BAD human, doing BAD things behind me ... one person even created a group to criticise and make fun of me. Yup, I have ignored all these .... and learnt my lessons. Ok ... not open to public. Sorry.

coffee-dates : I have 10 coffee/dinner dates so far ... thanks to those who spent some time with me, sharing with me their market-crash experiences(if any). I m meeting more in Penang for this purpose too.

Book-sharing : I do need to re-start this group ... oh boy, been months abandoned as I forgotten I do have this group. I will want to focus in speaking about TRADING BOOK rather than general books I am reading. Ok .... make it a TRADING book-sharing group. If you wish to join, let me know ... this is a 'free' group ... and TRYING(no promise due to my commitments and forgetfulness) to have it once a month. Yes ... it is thru online too ...

Tuition : Most of my students sat for exams ... so, now I am looking for new students and new groups. If you know of anyone's son/daughter taking A-level exams .... and looking for good Math tutor, contact me too. For other subjects, you may contact me too as I knew many good tutors!!

Tuition center : We are offering A-level and O-level tuition at the moment for science-subjects. Thinking of opening another branch ...

So ... two of my main focus are TRADING and TUITION.

Internet Marketing : I attended Google-talk (on adwords) recently ... I m still don't really know what these IM is all about ... so, I joined a watsapp group ... and many are actively talking about 'aliens' words or jargons which I could not understand ... such as plug-in, server, host, domain ... SEO kinda stuff. Guess I have to delegate these part to those know-how ... yes, if I m to MARKET my e-learning group .... for example, it is thru ONLINE, right? But ... how to reach out to more people out there. The product is VERY good ... but if I do not market it, no one will know about it ... or definitely will not join, right? What is marketing, anyway? It is most important part in biz ... which ... well, my weakest link ... haha . I knew of few 'trainers' of trading who are NOT traders themselves ... but due to advertisements and marketing, they PUT THEMSELVES as pro/sifu level ... and the crowd BELIEVE them ... arghhh ... that is the TRICK ... make people believe tho we are not!! Isn't that called .... err ... DISHONEST? Never mind ... I will prefer my slow way ... but I m moving too slow ... so, I need to use IM to reach out to more, but I will not negotiate human-values. Good means good ... not good, it is ok to say ... not good enough. Improve then. : go to and you will see that it is not updated ... except for the weekly e-meeting(only for members). I created this site some 3yrs plus ago ... failed to update as I m still very much comfortable with my blogspot(this one). Yes ... I have to get someone to help me ... but with blogspot, I m independent. Comfort zone ...

ToastMaster : Pushing myself to move ... after more than a year ... I have done my cc#3 recently. Haha ... will do cc#4 next week. Wanna join MAD ToastMaster ... join me?

9.30 pm : Lost the momentum ... guess that is all for today.

Liverpool : Under Klopp ... see if they could improve. Their defence really need to improve ...

Time to rest and trade again tmr!!



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