Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday the 13th

Good morning ... today is a spooky day!! Friday the 13th ... KLCI is diving, minus 13points at the moment with the selling of MISC and PChem continues ...

Shopping time ... but with so many to buy. Which one should we be considering?

Many stocks shown some rebound signals few days ago KLCI managed to rebound from support 1620.

KLCI : This a daily chart of KLCI ... I started to buy when it hit below 1620 and rebounded.

KLCI weekly chart showing a hammer in making ... waiting for today's closing.

10.10 am : At the time ... now, KLCI down by 22points!!

Busy buying time ... so many cheap sales in index-linked counters.

Staying positive in difficult times ... that is very important for us to be a stronger person, mentally and emotionally too.

10.30am : KLCI down by 24 points!!

So ... if we are trading using weekly chart, we should be checking on Friday, before market closing.

Will have an e-meeting regarding this selldown : go to

to check on updates.

Have a nice weekend.


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