Sunday, May 29, 2016

ex-index linked (II)

Good morning ... I was thinking ... have I missed our many more ex-index link counters? They said ... INDICES ... in long run(long term) will ALWAYS going higher ... well, as those not performing(biz-wise) companies will be taken out as components and replace with new/god companies. We have Westport and IHH ... in the list, for example.

Index-linked funds : I created an index-linked fund last year ... and ALL the funds are in positive positions! What I did was ... buy oversold index-linked counters .... and sell each time hit certain profit level. Accumulate the 'small' profits and making sure ... no huge losses. Averaging 6-8% p.a ... I am learning how to manage this fund (after burnt in few funds ... last year was trashed in HKSE).

Place simple criteria such as buy during KLCI at low (oversold, if possible) and buy into index-linked companies that oversold. OR ... buy during opportunities cases such as my BAT recently. SELL for profit ... no look-back and no trading. Wait for next opportunity!! The previous one was MAXIS.

It will be 'safer' ... to trade index-linked counters. Set-up a fund for this purposes (as in 2016-2018 ... we will see volatilities increase substantially).

Gamuda : She was in the KLCI30 ... and I checked my trading-journal, yes ... she was in. Checking her to breakout of RM5, buy Gamuda-we ... for trading purposes.

IOIPg : Traded from RM3 to below RM2. It closed at RM2.25 ... I have not been trading property-stocks for 1-2 years now ... IOIPg is one in my list ... besides UOADev, HuaYang, Tambun ... and SPSetia. Oh yes, Ecoworld attracts me now as it is playing on QUEK's stories now ... so, I m watching Ecoworld ... for trading purposes.

MMCCorp : Yes ... I have traded her when she was one of the components in KLCI30. Huge-debt .. highly geared company ... currently trading at resistance, I will not consider her. The nice double-bottom W formed is nice, tho.

UEMS : This was derived from the marriage of UEM group with Sunrise group ... I still remembered how I tried to understand their marriage(got another sister, Suncity) but would never understand these cooperate exercise. It formed one giant property group .... developing Iskandar. I used to like Sunrise due to their involvement in Mt-Kiara high-end condo developments. Those were years ago ... and I cant recall when it was taken out and replaced with what counter.

YTLPower : Used to be a 'darling' of investors but then .... this cash-rich company decided to pump in some cash (RM1bil plus, if not mistaken) into YES ... YES .. the 4G thingy. Since then, it is a big NO for investors. A good dividend stock she was ....

Taken out and no longer traded : TANJUNG, MAS and PLUS. Anymore ... if any readers knew off, drop me a comment here or e-mail to me at

I was searching for the ex-index linked counters ... and could only found my own post(last year)

click here:

Question : If not mistaken, PARKSON was index-linked before. Was it?

Time for reading my book ... and rest.


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