Monday, May 23, 2016

Short term trading

3A : Missed the breakout last week ... lost focus on her and it shot up higher today.

Three white candles ... have to wait for retracement if we are going to trade her. Support at RM1.23 level ... so, wait.

Still holding on to my "treasure" ... but should it break 20MA @RM4.13 , I will be forced to take profit and clear her.

CMSB showing some signs of recovery but due to very bad QR, I will not take the trade. Resistance at RM3.55 level now ... we shall see tmr.

GORENG kau-kau stock ... Aturmaju (code : 7181) ... crazy killing-field for those naïve retailers ,.. those good in goring will be glad to trade her!!

But .... I prefer to trade FCPO (day-trading) and glad to gain 22 points today!!

Those who like to day-trade, do consider FCPO ... really. But one needs to be DISCIPLINE to wait for signals ... and put cut-loss. I will start a FCPO trading for those wish to join. FCPO still my focus as I have been doing well for whole year since 2015 ... a year plus of consistency. Need to put more effort to focus ... and not over-confident.

Will like to write more on day-trading ... FCPO and US-stocks ... for me are good instruments as they are liquid enough to trade.

US-stocks group : I do received few e-mail ... requesting to join. Give me some time ... to adjust my time ... and we trade together, ok?

Time to rest .... and e-meeting with my trading members (every Monday night). I am glad that an old-member re-joined my trading group today and said that ... I m still the best 'teacher' to guide newbie-traders. That makes my day ... and motivated to teach again later ... during e-meeting.


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