Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My groups and activities

Morning ... US market closed last night ... what to write about? Hmm ...

I have my usual e-meeting last night, pointing out again that with 1USD = MYR4.10 now ... we need to be very careful if we are seeing MYR4.50 level. It may takes some time ...

Ok ... seeing the going-on in me at the moment ...

e-learning : I am finishing my current e-learning group soon ... after 5 months with them, lessons shared through online. I am thinking of next e-learning group as I could teach trading at the comfort home ... and could reach out to those out of Klang Valley. ok ... contact me for further details ... will only start if I could have at least 10 participants!! contact

Penang trip : I will be seeing some members on Saturday night (at Prai ... have not booked a place yet). So ... those wish to meet ... can contact me. The topic would be FCPO day-trading and how to prepare for coming market crash. It is not a market-talk ... but chit-chat over a coffee, ok? Buy me a drink. haha.

FCPO : Yes ... I will maintain my focus to day-trade using FCPO ... created a system and will want to discuss about using 5-min chart with another trading-kaki (from Penang). He was from my e-learning group (1st batch) some 3-4 years ago ... and now, technically good.

Stock-watch : This is my trading-group ... with daily updates on my trades, trading plans ... weekly e-meeting to discuss stocks/sectors to consider. I am sharing with them some preparations for market-crash ... that is very important to learn.

US-stocks : I have received few e-mail showing interest ... but personally, I have not been checking on US-stocks since AAPL (it rebounded from USD90 to USD100 now). So ... sorry, I will have to put-on-hold this idea ... but will start soon. In fact, I think I will only open it to those in my stock-watch group. Otherwise, I will attract more noises and un-known individuals with BAD intention. I have know so-so many BAD human, doing BAD things behind me ... one person even created a group to criticise and make fun of me. Yup, I have ignored all these .... and learnt my lessons. Ok ... not open to public. Sorry.

coffee-dates : I have 10 coffee/dinner dates so far ... thanks to those who spent some time with me, sharing with me their market-crash experiences(if any). I m meeting more in Penang for this purpose too.

Book-sharing : I do need to re-start this group ... oh boy, been months abandoned as I forgotten I do have this group. I will want to focus in speaking about TRADING BOOK rather than general books I am reading. Ok .... make it a TRADING book-sharing group. If you wish to join, let me know ... this is a 'free' group ... and TRYING(no promise due to my commitments and forgetfulness) to have it once a month. Yes ... it is thru online too ...

Tuition : Most of my students sat for exams ... so, now I am looking for new students and new groups. If you know of anyone's son/daughter taking A-level exams .... and looking for good Math tutor, contact me too. For other subjects, you may contact me too as I knew many good tutors!!

Tuition center : We are offering A-level and O-level tuition at the moment for science-subjects. Thinking of opening another branch ...

So ... two of my main focus are TRADING and TUITION.

Internet Marketing : I attended Google-talk (on adwords) recently ... I m still don't really know what these IM is all about ... so, I joined a watsapp group ... and many are actively talking about 'aliens' words or jargons which I could not understand ... such as plug-in, server, host, domain ... SEO kinda stuff. Guess I have to delegate these part to those know-how ... yes, if I m to MARKET my e-learning group .... for example, it is thru ONLINE, right? But ... how to reach out to more people out there. The product is VERY good ... but if I do not market it, no one will know about it ... or definitely will not join, right? What is marketing, anyway? It is most important part in biz ... which ... well, my weakest link ... haha . I knew of few 'trainers' of trading who are NOT traders themselves ... but due to advertisements and marketing, they PUT THEMSELVES as pro/sifu level ... and the crowd BELIEVE them ... arghhh ... that is the TRICK ... make people believe tho we are not!! Isn't that called .... err ... DISHONEST? Never mind ... I will prefer my slow way ... but I m moving too slow ... so, I need to use IM to reach out to more, but I will not negotiate human-values. Good means good ... not good, it is ok to say ... not good enough. Improve then. : go to and you will see that it is not updated ... except for the weekly e-meeting(only for members). I created this site some 3yrs plus ago ... failed to update as I m still very much comfortable with my blogspot(this one). Yes ... I have to get someone to help me ... but with blogspot, I m independent. Comfort zone ...

ToastMaster : Pushing myself to move ... after more than a year ... I have done my cc#3 recently. Haha ... will do cc#4 next week. Wanna join MAD ToastMaster ... join me?

9.30 pm : Lost the momentum ... guess that is all for today.

Liverpool : Under Klopp ... see if they could improve. Their defence really need to improve ...

Time to rest and trade again tmr!!



Stock-Watch : DRBHcom (code : 1619)

DRBHcom : Hit 84cents low yesterday ...

DRB weekly chart ... another 70% drop from the recent peak.

Note : That is why CUT-LOSS is a MUST ... whatever stocks we are buying!! Unless you are investing and generating good dividends (as entry price was at low).

I will like to write cut-loss (ver 1.2) soon ... then only most retailers will understand WHY cut-loss even at HUGE losses is needed. Example : IFCA at 50cents today!! That is strong support now .... once 48cents broken, we will see more down-side. IFCA was speculated and overly played .... to TRAP many un-known newbies or un-suspected retailers.

Trade at own risk.


Monday, May 30, 2016

Kaamatan Day

Morning ... KLCI down by 10points ... a spooky month of May

Yes ... Sabah is celebrating my b-day today! Hehe ... one of the reasons why I will be retiring back at Sabah ...

Harta : Weekly chart ... I started to buy around RM3.92. Now, will check if RM3.80 support broken. DOWNTRENDING now ...

This morning saw droppings ... from glove-rubber counters. Supermax ... Wellcall ... Karex ... then Harta(I have sold all Harta at RM4.35 and RM4.26 level last week and asking all in the group to exit)

MBSB : Saw a new low this morning at RM1.10 ... and waiting it to be at RM1. Will it turns into a penny-stock?

Market is so volatile ... one day up, next day down.

Time to bring kids for holiday ... off day for me.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Top 5 in dividend yields

Always check Investopedia to understand basic terms. Trading into dividend-yield stocks would be good in such volatile markets.

Top 5 in dividend yields (page 11)

1. BJToto : It is ok to accumulate around RM3 level ... and sell around RM3.20-RM3.30.

2. Magnum : Downtrending ... buy-hold ... but I will not recommending her as it is ... moving lower. Perhaps, RM2 will be a better entry.

3. Matrix : Buy during market correction ... say, two-three weeks of sell-down. Be patient .... wait and it most probably will.

4. Carlsberg : Breakout of RM13 ... can buy and targeting RM14.70 level. That would be better than its div-yield.

5. SunReit : Can buy as it breakout into new high now ... strong uptrend too.

Choose your good dividend-yield stocks ... to trade!!



ex-index linked (II)

Good morning ... I was thinking ... have I missed our many more ex-index link counters? They said ... INDICES ... in long run(long term) will ALWAYS going higher ... well, as those not performing(biz-wise) companies will be taken out as components and replace with new/god companies. We have Westport and IHH ... in the list, for example.

Index-linked funds : I created an index-linked fund last year ... and ALL the funds are in positive positions! What I did was ... buy oversold index-linked counters .... and sell each time hit certain profit level. Accumulate the 'small' profits and making sure ... no huge losses. Averaging 6-8% p.a ... I am learning how to manage this fund (after burnt in few funds ... last year was trashed in HKSE).

Place simple criteria such as buy during KLCI at low (oversold, if possible) and buy into index-linked companies that oversold. OR ... buy during opportunities cases such as my BAT recently. SELL for profit ... no look-back and no trading. Wait for next opportunity!! The previous one was MAXIS.

It will be 'safer' ... to trade index-linked counters. Set-up a fund for this purposes (as in 2016-2018 ... we will see volatilities increase substantially).

Gamuda : She was in the KLCI30 ... and I checked my trading-journal, yes ... she was in. Checking her to breakout of RM5, buy Gamuda-we ... for trading purposes.

IOIPg : Traded from RM3 to below RM2. It closed at RM2.25 ... I have not been trading property-stocks for 1-2 years now ... IOIPg is one in my list ... besides UOADev, HuaYang, Tambun ... and SPSetia. Oh yes, Ecoworld attracts me now as it is playing on QUEK's stories now ... so, I m watching Ecoworld ... for trading purposes.

MMCCorp : Yes ... I have traded her when she was one of the components in KLCI30. Huge-debt .. highly geared company ... currently trading at resistance, I will not consider her. The nice double-bottom W formed is nice, tho.

UEMS : This was derived from the marriage of UEM group with Sunrise group ... I still remembered how I tried to understand their marriage(got another sister, Suncity) but would never understand these cooperate exercise. It formed one giant property group .... developing Iskandar. I used to like Sunrise due to their involvement in Mt-Kiara high-end condo developments. Those were years ago ... and I cant recall when it was taken out and replaced with what counter.

YTLPower : Used to be a 'darling' of investors but then .... this cash-rich company decided to pump in some cash (RM1bil plus, if not mistaken) into YES ... YES .. the 4G thingy. Since then, it is a big NO for investors. A good dividend stock she was ....

Taken out and no longer traded : TANJUNG, MAS and PLUS. Anymore ... if any readers knew off, drop me a comment here or e-mail to me at

I was searching for the ex-index linked counters ... and could only found my own post(last year)

click here:

Question : If not mistaken, PARKSON was index-linked before. Was it?

Time for reading my book ... and rest.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

ex-index linked counters

AirAsia : One of the BEST trading stock in KLSE ... as it is ALWAYS liquid, active with news-rumours-cum stories. It can goes below RM1 ... only showing the magic of everyone can fly ... see you at RM2.80 now. Do note that she was index-linked counter previously.

Armada : Do you know that Armada was in our KLCI component previously? Do you? If you are new ... then, welcome to stock-market. It is trading at 70cents now ... way before it's IPO price of RM3.15 (if not mistaken).


It went thru right-issues ... and continue to bleed. Blame it on low oil-price (recovered to USD50, by the way ... but Armada's stock price still at low?)

BJToto : Well ... this one is one of my fav to collect (around RM3 ... sell RM3.30 ... re-collect at RM3 ... at current level, dividend is around 6%). Still queueing to buyback at RM2.95 as I sold at RM3.39 level but only hit RM3 low so far. Yes ... BJtoto was index-linked when I was new to KLSE. Collect BJtoto during market crash ... say .... RM2, ok?

FGV : Poor Felda settlers ... happy during IPO listing ... but since then ... zzz ... dropped out of KLCI index-linked ... poor management, poor biz-insight ... poor decision makers. It will continue to bleed ... and we shall check her below RM1 now. What happened to the Eagle-stories? I didn't follow her since I sold her last year.

MHB : At the high of RM8 plus ... didn't check the years ago price ... now we are seeing RM1plus level ... seriously!! It was born from MISC ... and index-linked!!

Are we sure index-linked are considered BLUE CHIPS? Buy to hold is ridiculous as strategy to be applied to these counters (except BJtoto) especially those GLCs. Stock-market is the place where these companies SUCK out money/funds from EPF/TH/local funds ... and public. Believe it ... that is how money transferred from a clean hand to someone's pockets!!

There are a few more ... but go figure. Do simple Math ... and will understand why we should not buy-hold those IPO-ed GLC ... index-linked counters!!

Penang Trip : I will be going to Penang next weekend. Those in Penang could contact me, if we are to meet. I want to discuss about "Preparation of market crash"

Time for dinner ...


Friday, May 27, 2016

FLBhd broken RM2

FLBhd broken the important support of RM2 today.

Technically, it is a SELL.

Trade at own risk.


Day-trading : Which instrument to be used?

9.30am : Morning ... it is Thu. DOW up another 145 points ... great, our KLCI lagging behind and I just closed my FKLI long ... my 5th consecutive winning trades in FKLI. It is tough as I have lost to FKLI ... many of times. Now, I m more cautious and focus ... patiently wait and apply technical charting.

Day-trading : It is very difficult to day trade stocks ... simply because we have so many stocks to watch and also keeping updates on each of them(the news, rumours and such). Also ... we need larger capital to trade stocks, unless ... what many retailers doing are getting margin(t+4) and/or trading penny-stocks!! To me ... that is not the way to trade as we are against the operators who goring up-down those hot-penny (AAX, Vivocom, GPacket, KNM ... we have missed IFCA, SMRT and gang ). We will lose long run(if you are one of those greedy newbies ... using margin to trade these penny-stocks, you are exposing yourself to very high risk.

So ... I was in that situation too ... trading call-put warrants is extremely risky too(we could lose a lot). So ... I was asking ... how do I day-trade at home? I was planning to quit my full-time job .... give tuition part-time and trading too!!

Then ... some 3 years ago, I ventured into futures (FKLI/FCPO). We formed a group, followed an experienced trader but  ... and many of us got badly burnt, quit for 1 year plus ... and few of us gathered back and re-started last year!!

Yes ... I was focusing in FCPO ... and doing well once I got the trading system to trade. It is more of patience ... emotional control etc etc ... not the system.

10.05 am : Morning ... it is Friday now ... I stopped somewhere yesterday ... lost the momentum to write about day-trading. haha.

Anyway, I missed the whole 50points in FCPO yesterday. Gained RM400 yesterday was considered good as I m aiming for an average profit of RM200 per day (roughly RM1k profit per week).

AirAsia : Pressed down to RM2.12 support level(ex-div 4cents yesterday) and gap up this morning!! I didn't buy ... few in my members were asking and some bought at RM2.15 level ... wow. Daring and confident of AA giving good QR. At 2.30 resistance level now is a SELL.

11.30am : I am back after ... made amateurish newbie blunders in my FCPO this morning, and now in paperloss. I shorted. Anyway ... we shall see how it pan-out.

Need to fetch my girl ... and continue after lunch.

Note : If you are reading this from i3 or other forums, it will NOT refresh to update. You need to come to for the updates ... as I will continue the post HERE instead of creating a new post .

3.20pm : AirAsia really fly and breakout ... now at RM2.40. WOW ... now everyone can fly ...

Trading for living ... is like a dream comes true ... but it is too difficult. I just lost in FCPO as I shorted this morning and it recovered, hit my cut-loss point. zzzz ...

At the moment, I m at MainPlace ... moved out from my home ... clearing my mind after the loss. It is very important as I have consecutive many winning trades in FKLI/FCPO recent days ... and a loss could shaken our confident. Re-group .... re-focus next week.

re-reading my day-trading book ... and also I shared an excerpt from "Trading in the zone" with my trading group, for learning purposes. Yeah ... I have e-meeting weekly and also slowly added in learning-corner ... for those newbies and those wish to learn about trading. The topic I chosen today is "Taking responsibilities".

wait ... I go to my group page and copy it here ... since your are a good reader reading from THIS blog. Yup ... I sent the morning post and it wont be read by many from i3-forum or other forums!! Hmm ... getting away from the crowd and more comfortable to blah-blah with some real-loyal readers.

Let me highlight some important pointers ...

Taking Responsibility

Taken from : Trading in the zone

The words “taking responsibility” sounds simple enough yet the concept is neither easy to grasp nor put into practice. We have heard the phrase so many times that it is easy to take for granted that we know exactly what the phrase means.
Taking responsibility in trading and learning the appropriate principles of success are inextricably connected. You must understand with every fiber of your being, that ways in which you are and are not responsible for your trading success.

To express yourself as a consistently successful trader you must deactivate limiting beliefs, create new empowering beliefs and work on your mental and emotional attitude. To realize your potential your goal must be to learn how to think like a consistently successful trader.

The best traders think in a number of unique ways. They have created a mental structure that allows them to trade without fear and at the same time keeps them from becoming reckless or overconfident.
If we work from a premise that to create consistency trading you must focus your efforts on developing a traders mind-set, it is easy to see why most traders are not successful. Instead of learning to think like traders, they expend most of their efforts in thinking about how they can make more money by learning about the markets. It is nearly impossible not to fall into this trap, it is easy to assume that it is what you don’t know about the markets that causes your losses and lack of consistent results.

However this is simply not the case. The consistency you seek is in your mind not the markets. It is your attitudes and beliefs about losing money, being wrong, and the tendency to become reckless when feeling good that causes losses, not technique or market knowledge.

It takes time to develop this winning attitude and mental structure. A definition of a positive winning attitude is expecting a positive result from your efforts, with an acceptance that whatever results you get are a direct reflection of your level of development and what you need to learn to do better. This winning attitude helps you move beyond your mistakes and keep learning. Instead of getting bogged down in negative self-criticism.

Most traders had the common experience of losing one or more fortunes before they realized how they needed to think in order to be consistently successful. It is a fundamental shift in attitude that accounts for their success, not some brilliant realization about the market, as most people erroneously assume.

Taking responsibility means believing that all of your outcomes are self-generated; that your results are based on your interpretations of the market information and the decisions you make and actions you take as a result. Not taking complete responsibility sets up two major psychological obstacles that will block your success. The first is that you will establish an adversarial relationship with the markets thus taking you out of the constant flow of opportunity. Second you will mislead yourself into believing that your lack of success and trading problems can be rectified through market analysis.

From the markets perspective, each moment is neutral; to the observer or trader, every moment and price change can have meaning. These meanings are based on what you have learned and exist in your mind not the market. The market does not attach meanings or interpret the information it generates about itself. In addition the market doesn’t know how to define an opportunity or a loss.

The market does not know or care if you perceive it as an endless stream of opportunities to enter and exit trades for both profits and losses at each and every moment, or as a greedy monster ready and willing to devour your money at any given moment.

If you perceive the market information as painful in some way, you will naturally try to avoid that pain by either consciously or subconsciously blocking that information from your awareness. In blocking this information you systematically cut yourself off from any number of opportunities that exist to enrich yourself. In other words you cut yourself off from the opportunity flow.

Finally learning more and more about the markets only to avoid pain compounds your problems, because the more you know naturally the more you will expect from the markets, making it all the more painful when the markets do not do their part. This can create a vicious cycle where the more you learn the more debilitated you become; the more debilitated you become the more compelled you are to learn. This cycle will continue until either you get fed up and quit trading in disgust or you recognize that the root cause of your trading problems is your perspective, not your lack of knowledge.

Taking responsibility is the cornerstone of a winning attitude”.

Naim ... selling stops? Finding bottom soon ...

3.40 pm : WCT ... will post the chart later, down 7% at the moment.

Ok ... time for me to pause ... go jalan-jalan and to come back to check around 4.30pm. Then, going for massage later with a friend ... talk biz ... and meeting tonight.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

UMW and UMW-OG retracing further

UMW diving further ... at RM5.25 at the moment. No catching a knife ... but watching ...

UMWOG : Bad QR again ... dived to new low. It is unfortunate for those still holding .. especially those without knowledge much and bought at IPO level.

I prefer my Digi and Maxis ... Digi ex-dividend 5.1cents today ... DOW up 200points, thought I could sell her up-up ... but KLCI is disappointing.

Anyway ... buy into good dividend stocks is always good. Wanting to write about it ... perhaps later.

Note : I m trying to be consistent in my blogging ... coming back as I have dozed off for too long ... haha.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Stock Watch : CIMB

9.30 am : Morning .. KLCI minus 9points.

This morning stock to watch is CIMB. Saw it hit RM4.30 moments ago.

CIMB : Collecting at current RM4.30 level.

Trade at own risk if one is collecting a potential knife.

Have a nice day ... it is a lazy-day for me.


Monday, May 23, 2016

Short term trading

3A : Missed the breakout last week ... lost focus on her and it shot up higher today.

Three white candles ... have to wait for retracement if we are going to trade her. Support at RM1.23 level ... so, wait.

Still holding on to my "treasure" ... but should it break 20MA @RM4.13 , I will be forced to take profit and clear her.

CMSB showing some signs of recovery but due to very bad QR, I will not take the trade. Resistance at RM3.55 level now ... we shall see tmr.

GORENG kau-kau stock ... Aturmaju (code : 7181) ... crazy killing-field for those naïve retailers ,.. those good in goring will be glad to trade her!!

But .... I prefer to trade FCPO (day-trading) and glad to gain 22 points today!!

Those who like to day-trade, do consider FCPO ... really. But one needs to be DISCIPLINE to wait for signals ... and put cut-loss. I will start a FCPO trading for those wish to join. FCPO still my focus as I have been doing well for whole year since 2015 ... a year plus of consistency. Need to put more effort to focus ... and not over-confident.

Will like to write more on day-trading ... FCPO and US-stocks ... for me are good instruments as they are liquid enough to trade.

US-stocks group : I do received few e-mail ... requesting to join. Give me some time ... to adjust my time ... and we trade together, ok?

Time to rest .... and e-meeting with my trading members (every Monday night). I am glad that an old-member re-joined my trading group today and said that ... I m still the best 'teacher' to guide newbie-traders. That makes my day ... and motivated to teach again later ... during e-meeting.


Stock Watch : Harta (code 5168)

Harta : She was lagging behind Topglove and Kossan the day I bought at RM3.92 ... and added more last Thu at RM4.02-RM4.04 ...

9.15 am : Sold part at RM4.35 done moments ago. Keeping the another portion to sell above RM4.50. I am asking members to take partial profit too.

Harta is another of my very good trade after BAT recently ... for the technical rebound. The bad trades were in CMSB and GTronic where the rebound failed and I have to cut-loss.

While gloves counters recovering due to the 1USD = MYR4.07 level ... furniture stocks may not.

9.24 am : FLBhd diving 11% ... down from RM2.34 to RM2.06 at the moment, hit RM2.01 .... speculations will follow that KYY selling his stakes?

Checking on the chart ... this is the 4th time it is hitting below RM2.10 ... but today is HUGE long black candlestick.

I am going to avoid the whole sector as I have told all members in the beginning of the year ... the speculation on strengthening in USD (vs MYR) has rallied the whole sector beyond their fundamentals.

Trade at own risk ... it is Monday. I m going to lazy-ing at home ... reading today.


Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sarawak counters (updates)

Updates on S'wak counters : CMSB, Dayang, HSL, Naim, Scable, WTK

MAY 2013 news :

CMSB(code : 2852): Another black candle for the week. Though stochastic showing the stock price is oversold, no sign of reversal(yet). Watch.

Dayang : Peaked around RM3.75 ... dived to RM1, rebounded to RM1.35 level(which I missed) and now ... coming back to RM1 level. It closed at RM1.12 level yesterday. I have avoided O&G counters for few months now, watching as crude-oil above USD48 now (from the low of USD30 level)

HSL : I was watching yesterday for it to hit RM1.60 level to consider to buy but it rebounded to close
 at RM1.75 instead. Technically RM1.60 is a strong support. Reversal in making and we could take the risk of trading HSL next week. Cut-loss if RM1.60 broken, of coz.

Naim : Peaked around RM4.30 ... going below RM2 ... more than 50% retracement. Cut-loss is a MUST if one is buying at high level ... say, place 10% below your entry price, CUT LOSS.

Scable (code 5170) : Closed at RM1.44 .... shall only check at RM1.25 support level

WTK : Currently at RM1.15 level ... not attractive.

Note : I may consider HSL next week. Trade at own risk.


Friday, May 20, 2016

Waterfalls : Swak counters

It has been in alert that Sarawak counters been diving since ... before Swak election. Triggered by the giant CMSB (Cahya Mata), many more tumbling down and created the domino-effects.

CMSB : The weekly chart showing the selldown, which I tried to catch ... and have to cut-loss when it broken RM4. At RM3.30 level now, it is still in my stalk-list ... waiting for rebound to come.

Note : CMSB came up from RM1.40 to RM5.80 ... that is huge move. Anything price moves so high MUST be supported by earnings/profits. If not, it will be punished.

Taann : Bad QR out ... and it continues to DIVE ... closed around RM3.90 yesterday and rebounded to hit RM4 this morning. Support at RM3.80 and I m still watching.

Naim : Going into new low level ... at RM1.92 level. No catch for me yet. Wait

HSL : Another counter being bashed up ... waiting ...

DO not try to catch knives. Trade at own risk.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Stocks : BAT, UMW and CIMB

BAT : Closed above RM50 today (after ex-dividend of 55cents, mind you). So .. when such good counter DIVED ... be greedy. There are many reasons why a stock price plunged.

Let's update the UMW, which going lower and we should not catch yet!

This is weekly chart of UMW ... and I am still watching.

CIMB ... read that Nazir will resume his position as chairman? CIMB at support, so can consider and wait for tmr's candle ...

Note : These are in my index-linked fund list. Trade at own risk.