Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Updating HK-links

Hong Kong (HSI)

It has been a long while since I updated my links ... on the side on my blog. I am checking the links, making sure it is still valid. Yes ... all the above links still valid and running. One may get loads of information about stocks trading in HKSE and more.

I like the bochk (Bank of China, HK) site the most as I do still use it to check fundamentals of those companies trading in HKSE.

go to

On the right hand side of my blog, there are LINKS. The above links used to be my frequent checks on my HKSE's trades .. but last year, I got burnt when market in China crashing down. ouch.

When market crash again ... I will move back to HKSE as that is where the value is ... many blue-chips are trading at single digit PER ... and they are huge companies. WAIT for the market to crash!!

I will be updating more on the links ... adding new ones and also work on my out-dated widgets.

Bear with me ... as I m renovating my 'home'.


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