Monday, April 04, 2016

Sumatec still in play meh?

Sumatec : Used to be very popular back then ... during mid 2014 when most penny-stocks goreng-ed. The operators came out with good news ... and it shot up, from 20plus level to above 50plus level. Speculated to hit RM1 back then ... and since then ... it dived.

At the press-time, it is trading at 11cents.

Why am I ... of sudden ... mentioned about Sumatec?

Dear operators ... have mercy on retailers. Many still stuck inside at high level. Please push it up to 20cents plus again, at least.

Someone asked if Sumatec will be a good buy at the current level. It is very difficult to answer as we do not know if he is newbie or buying to average down? So, my standard answer would be ... "do not touch speculative counters if one is newbie"

Yes ... just ignore and do not be greedy. This is already 2016 where markets are very volatile. We should not get STUCK inside these kinda stocks ... as we need to preserve our capitals for the coming crash!!

So ... I rest my case. I m just pointing to my own opinion and trade at own risk.

suma-tec = semua drop in Hakka.


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