Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Stocks that I traded recently

Tonight : e-meeting 9pm go to for the link.

I will talk a little about "EFGHI" and some stocks I have been trading recently. Yes, with some explanations, if asked.

THPlant : Sold at 1.29 still waiting for correction or breakout.

BIMB : Round 1 was good tho I sold too early and round 2 also sold too early. But, overall ... good trades.

BJToto : Buy-in stages ... sell in stages. Dividend 5-6%. Good for those patient and lower-risk traders.

Few more I sold ... non-liquid stocks such as KMLoong and CIMBC50. Haha ... kinda like not so liquid stocks when KLCI at high.

Stay sideway ... till yesterday started short term trading on few breakout stocks!! Discuss later.


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