Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday's thoughts : Teaching Trading

It is Sat and it is raining at Subang Jaya here. Slowing myself for a while ... after a hectic long week. Yes ... exams is nearing and many of my students are going through last minute and I am having many extra hours with them.

Many of them have been with me for a year or months, at least. And I will be 'missing' them ... especially few who gave me such satisfaction of teaching them. The joy of teaching ...

That same goes to teaching trading. But ... as we are teaching adults, they are not students to you ... but rather 'friends'. Many are being friends to me ... many left too but still in touch(most of them). So ... seeing many appreciating us ... drive us to teach .. and improve our teaching.

Teaching is never an easy task ... it is beyond the classroom teaching! For my A-level Math students, I will be seeing them in weekly basis(normally 1.5 or 2 hours) ... for a year period of time or at least 6 months. Weekly ... as the subject (Further Math is never easy, either) requires constant coaching ... and we have to cover 10-12 topics for each paper!!

As the exams is nearing ... now we are at final preparation stage. Revision ... notes-taking and doing questions. I even created an watsapp group for my students to ask questions!! Students nowadays are more tech-savvy ... and I m still in the IT-dinosaur era. Haha ...

Anyway ... it is different from teaching trading as I only see them for one-day 'workshop' to cramp all the trading components and ... some of them are totally newbies, it is a great challenge to teach trading well!!

To start with, trading is dynamic ... unlike Newton's second law F = ma. To teach the application of MA(moving average) itself, it could takes hours ... then back-testing that will take months!! This is something many retailers (you and me) do not understand ... and how dynamic market could be ... and as the volatilities in markets increases, it is definite needing more attention if we are trading at current market situation. We certainly need to be more actively checking on our portfolio ... and managing it.

How to teach the whole trading-plan or indicators in one-day workshop?? It is near impossible and that explained why many paid few thousands ... attending workshops, the so-called professional ones ... few days workshop ... to learn about all those indicators, moving averages, support-resistance and more .... yet, UN-successfully to apply in REAL market trading.

Simply put ... it is not everyone's cuppa ... to learn those complexity of those indicators or planning on trading. Ask most of traders ... you will hear that most of them do not have a trading plan. It is too tedious ... even after we attended the course. Ever wonder why?

Personally, I have attended 5 trading workshops so far ... specifically, to learn different ways of trading. It is the methods ... and set-up we are learning but it may not suit us. From the whole group attended workshops, I knew that 80% of them do not understand 80% of the contents. And from the small 20% who might understood 80% of the contents .... only 20% of them will be applying and trading well.

That small percentage ... is the place where I wish to be ... the elite 20% winners in market!! So, I m giving myself 10 years to achieve that ... failing means, I have to admit defeat and quit?

Never QUIT .. my motto. Winners never quit ... quitters never win.

I am on my 8th year in trading ... bruised ... burnt ... many of times. I have no shame ... to admit losses and expose my wounds. That is the only REAL way of learning ... and the pain will remind us not to be too stupid. Buat-bodoh is not the way improving, either.

I m in my 4th year of teaching trading ... last weekend, I had my cohort-20. Wow!! But .. certainly it is still not easy. Let me check on the stock I gave them as home-work.

Padini : So ... I have to teach them how to write a trading-plan for Padini and guide them to see it breakout.

In order to be in touch with them (3 of them in my stock-watch group too), I created a watsapp group for them ... so that they could ask questions! And on Monday nights, they will attend the e-meeting too!! That is the best way to ... LEARN!

Just attended a one-day workshop will not help much ... we need time to digest. We need to comprehend. Then .. we need to learn to apply. It is testing resistance again ... but the low-volume ...zzzz ... we have to wait for strong volume breakout of resistance. Then, execute our trading plan ...

I still feel there are many things I need to learn, especially .. catching knives (wounded many times! ouch!!) as when market crashing down .... one day. We need the experiences ...

GTronic ... this excite me so much ... but it failed me. I have to cut-loss due to failed rebound. But it still excite me ... so, I moved back in ... only to be caught again ... and cut-loss again. Sigh ... where is the bottom as I m still excited?

Nice to sit here ... relax and write about my thoughts on teaching. I m still very much a teacher in me. Always will be ... and yeah, I m still very much a blogger ... hehe.

Have a nice long weekend.


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