Thursday, April 07, 2016

Run ... Sherlyn ... Run.

CLSA yearly feng-shui chart ... as reference only.

KLCI at 1720 level at the moment, DOW up 112 points ... so shall we see KLCI to hit resistance 1725 again?

KLCI : Daily chart... supported by 20MA.

Today ... I wish to take a rest from markets, with only 2 tuition classes. I have few positions(Suncon and such) but relatively small. Still prefer to rest and wait ...

Today .... facebook reminded a post I shared exactly 3 years ago ... let me share with my readers here a short story of my girl (named Sherlyn).

This is called kok-kok shoe ... when daddy always trying to persuade his girl to wear it. It makes kok-kok-kok sound each she tried to walk on it. Yeah ... I disposed this RM500 plastic shoe some three years ago when she started to walk on her own two feet ... when she was almost 3 yrs-old. She disliked the shoe and always refused to wear it ...

My little baby was born with ... not-so-normal feet. Bent. Crooked. So ... she could not stand and walk properly. That was some 6 years ago ... but she was a brave girl. She always try to walk on her own despite falling down many of times. The Lebam-bruise hurt daddy so much .... but we knew we have to let her ... walk by herself.

Around 4-5 years old ... her feet/toes ... slowly back to the 'normal' position. She could walk ... and run. Yes ... due to in-stability, she fell quite frequently when shew got excited and run faster.

Last year ... don't know based on what ... (haha) ... she was selected to represent her school(special) for the kejohanan-larian peringkat daerah!

She got no 4 with time 22second (75m sprint). That was last year ... so proud of her achievement, anyway.

This year ... she was selected to represent her school again. Perhaps, she could be seen running around and her teacher chosen her! haha.

She came back ... with a medal. Johan?? Serious? We asked the cikgu to confirm ... yes, she won. Wow.

The very fact that she could walk ... pleased us as parents. Then ... she could run ... and run ... without injuring herself, that will be a great pleasure to watch.

Special kids are very special. She is still learning to speak ... but she knows how to express her emotions much better now. Hope she could speak ... as normal, one day.

It will be great to see her dancing ... or swimming. She loves both ...with determination, I believe she could be a great dancer ... or swimmer.

This is a simple joy of me being daddy. :)

Never take things for granted ... if we could still walk/run ... appreciate that instead of complaining that we are not getting the NEW Nike/Adidas shoe.

Got a class now ... will share more inspiring stories. This story of mine is personal. It is real ... thru daddy's heart


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