Thursday, April 07, 2016

Roller Coasters stocks

Microln : This is one is shared by one of my e-learner. It is VERY high risk trade as we could see the way it was operated. UMA will not stop the roller-coaster ride for this stock till all distributed. Yeah ... it might shoot up high to attract more retailers to jump in ... or those stuck inside to get excited and average it down?

Personally, I will not touch such stocks. Let him learn to trade.

Maybulk : Written by The Edge .... blah-blah .... about BDI and such. Shot up till UMA keluar also they don't care. Retailers, as usual ... greedy ones jumped in. INI KALI LAH ... huat-ar!! Undervalued? Someone asked me yesterday ... and I asked all the newbies in my e-learning group to avoid. Never create BAD trading habit at initial stages of your trading life ... you will find it painfully difficult to change. Don't believe me .... ask many unclee-aunties or taikors who lost so much. Pain ... will either kill us ... or make us wiser the next time.

LCheong : I don't know this counter but was asked few days ago ... about how the operators work on this one (as if I m the operator? haha). Avoid is the word ... I cant take the roller-coaster ride ... hell, ya.

XOX : Anyone STUCK inside this one? Cut-loss painfully ... and advised to QUIT stock-markets or ... pick up the pieces, be wiser and learn. No other two ways ... blame on luck will not work.

Over the years ... I have many-many roller-coaster rides and some killed me painfully. It took me awhile to place more rules in my trading so that I won't be caught off-guard by these operators which will dump the stocks after the pump.

I can always find KNM ... Sumatec ... and many more as examples. The above were mentioned to me recently and I have to strongly advice those newbies ... never-ever to trade such. But, it they insisted ... make sure you know the exit point. Even that, you will be creating BAD habits in yourself and ... you will not survive trading when market crashing down ... one day.

Good luck.


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