Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Others pain, our gain?

Morning ... waking up after seeing KLCI dived 20points yesterday ... thanks to bad-news from 1MDB.

KLCI chart showing divergence with 1725 resistance level in tact. From Jan-Feb ... it rebounded to hit this resistance level a few times ... but failed breakout.

KLCI finally given up the 1700 psycho-support. So ... it is more down-side at the moment and best to stay sideway and wait patiently. Those bought some stocks days away might need to force to cut-loss.

But ... how about Gtronic? The talk in town at the moment with Apple registering not-so-good earning?

GTronic ... making headlines ... and more bad-earning reports out to press the 'darling' of semi-con ... down!! This will be one of the best waterfall (Victoria) seen for months ... the last one I traded was Maxis. Two looong black candles. Will watch for third one today ... three-black-crows ... real black!! But if it is a reversal candle, I will buy.


I still feel sorry for many retailers who might stuck at higher level. I do not take pleasure on others pain ... and when I see some of them in the telegram/watsapp group active-members 'laughing' haha ... on the stocks many painfully swallowing ... I feel that is very in-humane. I will definitely do not want to be linked to them ... these are bad human...

Personally, I have many times caught in such painful situation ... and as I m more experienced now, and with knowledge of seeing charts ... I have learnt to cut-loss. We should help others ... not on the consoling part ... but to share with them strategies or analysis. We could only advise them ... but it is up to them to make the final decision.

Many have e-mail to me ... talking about their bad experiences or their pain ... I could understand and I m a caring person. I feel the pain too ... reminding myself those experiences ... and everyone of those in markets need to learn.

UMWOG/AAX/Armada/FGV and many more: I do know someone who is still holding at IPO level.

Please do not be cynical to laugh at other people's pain. I do hope we are more empathic ... compassionate ... and caring. The world is not about you winning ... or if others losing, you feel good?

I never laugh at other people's pain. Not in stock-market ... not in real life. Not even when MU lost. It's kinda 'sick' to rub salt to others pain ... and curse them "you deserve it".

I will rather be the person to console ... to help ... to listen.

empathy : the feeling that you understand and share another person's experiences and emotions : the ability to share someone else's feelings

Those wish to have a listening ear to your pain, I could be that person but I will not advise on any of your stocks/portfolio.

I have an e-mail from a person(from Penang) ... he was holding to 10stocks or more, many in paper-loss and many speculative counters!! He came to my short workshop held in Penang in 2014-Sept/Oct ... and now doing very well after joining my stock-watch group ... and trying to follow me in trading FCPO today!!

Seriously ... I feel great ... as he is no longer punt here-there ... as he was totally new in trading, came in during the hype-of-penny-stocks time. Trade ... cut-loss ... take-profit ... based on FA + TA.

You see ... we all do mistakes! We all were newbies ... novices and ignorants too. We bought stocks due to hear-say, sms/watsapp ... reading forums, blogs, media-paper such as Edge, Focus, Star etc etc ... or base on TP given by investment banks!! Our friendly dealers/remisiers ... will recommend us some stocks to buy or apply the IPO.

We have to take responsible on our own trades. NEVER blame on others our losses.

Then ... we move on , learn from mistakes ... and perhaps, becoming wiser.

Hope my message is clear ... it is very BAD of any of us to laugh at others pain. One day ... we will face adversity or in pain too ... one day.


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