Monday, April 18, 2016

Mature bull or young bear?

Morning ... it is Monday. Ok ... glad they won their game. But ... this morning news should be ... the OIL diving 5% at the moment.

So ... pointing back to the interesting article by The Star : Is it a mature bull ... or is it a young bear now?

So ... how do we invest in this matured bull-market?

While DOW going for high 18,000 level ... KLCI at 1720 level is still way below the high!!

KLCI ... needing 170points to break into new high? 10%?

Some rebounded so well ... such as AirAsia(sister AAX too) or Maybulk ... but they are still WAY below their respective high. Some still at low level ... Armada just hit 70.5cents or DRB still hanging at RM1 level ... Parkson still below RM1(after one day hu-ha).

Many more stuck at HIGH level ... so many stocks to mention if I need to write a loooong list.

So ... are we in BULL markets or young bear?

One may check few stocks which trading at 52-week high (go to screener and filter for them).

While I do not see any reasons to shout 'crash', an healthy correction is needed as KLCI hitting résistance 1727 again.

I am on the mature-bull side ... not the young-bear side. So ... I m still going to trade ... breakout will be the best strategy but CUTLOSS still #1 policy. Clear for small losses ... out, it is ok to be wrong rather than stuck.

Here are POINTERS shared from the articles (which are conservative and agreeable)

1. INVEST in big caps

2. Stocks with fat gross-margin and cash-flow

3. Diversified revenue

4. Simple businesses

Those speculating on OIL prices, USD-MYR ... emm ... 1MDB ... MRT2 ... Swak election play ... emm ... whatelse ar? Just make sure you are not stuck and know how to CUTLOSS.

Do not follow blindly those blogs, forums, facebook, watsapp, telegram, broker-reports, media(printed such as The Edge, Focus Malaysia, The Star-biz) ... and anyone ...

Trust ourselves!! Learn fundamental-analysis, basic technical-analysis is sufficient.

Then ... be patient to wait. trade .... not invest.

Ok .... time to check on my FCPO. I longed overnight due to hammer formed last Friday.


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