Saturday, April 09, 2016

Large Oil Companies

#3 EXXON : As oil prices bottom out around USD26, showing double-bottom ... EXXON's chart tracking the oil-prices closely.

#5 BP : At it's low ... since the oil-spill some years ago which brought the stock-price to DIVE.

#7 Chevron : At resistance USD97 at the moment, I tried my CFD-a/c to trade her recently!! Closed at USD96.34 , traded at PER 40.

#4 : PetroChina : Strong downtrend and nearing to low at HKD4.20. PER at 24plus is definitely not cheap?

#15 CNOOC : Trading at un-demanding PER 16.5 (used to be PER single digit but profit dropped drastically due to the drop in oil prices)

#6 Shell : I chosen the one listed in KLSE ... the gap-down ... I don't follow the 'stories' and news. Shell is listed in London-Stock-Exchange.

The largest company in Malaysia will still be our Petronas.

There ... few of things I do read about ... with interests. The numbering is the ranking of the companies in the world (energy sector).

Crude-oil rebounded about 6% plus last night ... USD39 plus. Are we at the bottom? This is in everyone's mind .... especially for those stuck inside those O&G companies.

Armada : One of the largest O&G-related company in Malaysia, hitting new low yesterday (72.5cents). It used to be listed in KLCI-index-linked.


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