Friday, April 15, 2016

Impossible is nothing?

Good morning ... I m glad ... it is 4 - 3 ... crazy!!

I shared that in my facebook. haha. Feeling sooo great

Impossible is nothing?

Drew 1 - 1 in 1st leg ... playing at home last night. 0 - 2 ... down in first half. They needed to score 3 goals in the second half. Reminded me of the final in Champions League in 2005.

Pulled a goal back ... 1 - 2 ... giving some hope. TWO more goals to go. But ... the defence gave way again .. 1 - 3. It is almost game over as they needed 3 goals to win the game.

Incredibly, they scored the two goals ... to keep the score 3 - 3. Due to the away-goals ruling, they will be out of the semi if the score stands at 3 - 3.

Stoppage time ... bang!! Lovren scored!! Arghhhh ...goal. Wow ... this is near impossible.

Note : Never give up... till the game is over!

What a game ... I didn't watch as I m too tired after long days but will watch the replay. Great game!!

I always like these IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING concept ... as we always tell ourselves "impossible la" .. without much trying.

Just like in trading ... when we lost so much, so many times ... we will tend to give-up and quietly told ourselves ... it is impossible. I have wanted to conduct trading-courses ... even before I knew what trading is all about. That was in 2008 ... the 5 yrs plan. I started to teach in end-2011 ... earlier than planned. That was my cohort 1-3.

Next weekend, I will be conducting my #20 batch!! Looking back ... I have 8 years of experiences, daily about 6 hours in markets and still learning ... being a lecturer, I always believe I could teach better than any other out there!! So ... I continued to teach as long as I m 'needed'.

cohort-20 : I am conducting a basic trading workshop next Sunday. Those interested to join me, do contact me ( ) ... yes, I still charge just a fraction of those trading workshop out there ... after all, knowledge are meant to be shared.

I still feel great ... YNWA.


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