Sunday, April 17, 2016

cohort 20 : next Sunday

I will be conducting a basic trading workshop next Sunday (24th April) as few of them could not make it last month (due to Cheng-Beng and Easter Day).

I will share indicators I am using (RSI, Macd and Stochastic) ... moving averages, support-resistance ... strength of each levels, candlesticks and few more things.

Then ... we will discuss about RISK ... risk management(cut-loss), position sizing(how much should we be trading) and trading plan/journal.

Basically ... I am sharing how I trade ... and how I started from zero ... to learn to trade well and consistent. It takes time ...

Yes .... only one-day workshop, then one may continue to learn by joining my stock-watch group and ask questions along the way. We have e-meeting every Monday night ... and yes, that is the best way for anyone who really wish to learn ... basic idea of trading ... with FA + TA.

Those interested ... contact me at or

check out my page

Let others to know.

Thanks and have a nice Sunday.


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