Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday's thoughts : Teaching Trading

It is Sat and it is raining at Subang Jaya here. Slowing myself for a while ... after a hectic long week. Yes ... exams is nearing and many of my students are going through last minute and I am having many extra hours with them.

Many of them have been with me for a year or months, at least. And I will be 'missing' them ... especially few who gave me such satisfaction of teaching them. The joy of teaching ...

That same goes to teaching trading. But ... as we are teaching adults, they are not students to you ... but rather 'friends'. Many are being friends to me ... many left too but still in touch(most of them). So ... seeing many appreciating us ... drive us to teach .. and improve our teaching.

Teaching is never an easy task ... it is beyond the classroom teaching! For my A-level Math students, I will be seeing them in weekly basis(normally 1.5 or 2 hours) ... for a year period of time or at least 6 months. Weekly ... as the subject (Further Math is never easy, either) requires constant coaching ... and we have to cover 10-12 topics for each paper!!

As the exams is nearing ... now we are at final preparation stage. Revision ... notes-taking and doing questions. I even created an watsapp group for my students to ask questions!! Students nowadays are more tech-savvy ... and I m still in the IT-dinosaur era. Haha ...

Anyway ... it is different from teaching trading as I only see them for one-day 'workshop' to cramp all the trading components and ... some of them are totally newbies, it is a great challenge to teach trading well!!

To start with, trading is dynamic ... unlike Newton's second law F = ma. To teach the application of MA(moving average) itself, it could takes hours ... then back-testing that will take months!! This is something many retailers (you and me) do not understand ... and how dynamic market could be ... and as the volatilities in markets increases, it is definite needing more attention if we are trading at current market situation. We certainly need to be more actively checking on our portfolio ... and managing it.

How to teach the whole trading-plan or indicators in one-day workshop?? It is near impossible and that explained why many paid few thousands ... attending workshops, the so-called professional ones ... few days workshop ... to learn about all those indicators, moving averages, support-resistance and more .... yet, UN-successfully to apply in REAL market trading.

Simply put ... it is not everyone's cuppa ... to learn those complexity of those indicators or planning on trading. Ask most of traders ... you will hear that most of them do not have a trading plan. It is too tedious ... even after we attended the course. Ever wonder why?

Personally, I have attended 5 trading workshops so far ... specifically, to learn different ways of trading. It is the methods ... and set-up we are learning but it may not suit us. From the whole group attended workshops, I knew that 80% of them do not understand 80% of the contents. And from the small 20% who might understood 80% of the contents .... only 20% of them will be applying and trading well.

That small percentage ... is the place where I wish to be ... the elite 20% winners in market!! So, I m giving myself 10 years to achieve that ... failing means, I have to admit defeat and quit?

Never QUIT .. my motto. Winners never quit ... quitters never win.

I am on my 8th year in trading ... bruised ... burnt ... many of times. I have no shame ... to admit losses and expose my wounds. That is the only REAL way of learning ... and the pain will remind us not to be too stupid. Buat-bodoh is not the way improving, either.

I m in my 4th year of teaching trading ... last weekend, I had my cohort-20. Wow!! But .. certainly it is still not easy. Let me check on the stock I gave them as home-work.

Padini : So ... I have to teach them how to write a trading-plan for Padini and guide them to see it breakout.

In order to be in touch with them (3 of them in my stock-watch group too), I created a watsapp group for them ... so that they could ask questions! And on Monday nights, they will attend the e-meeting too!! That is the best way to ... LEARN!

Just attended a one-day workshop will not help much ... we need time to digest. We need to comprehend. Then .. we need to learn to apply. It is testing resistance again ... but the low-volume ...zzzz ... we have to wait for strong volume breakout of resistance. Then, execute our trading plan ...

I still feel there are many things I need to learn, especially .. catching knives (wounded many times! ouch!!) as when market crashing down .... one day. We need the experiences ...

GTronic ... this excite me so much ... but it failed me. I have to cut-loss due to failed rebound. But it still excite me ... so, I moved back in ... only to be caught again ... and cut-loss again. Sigh ... where is the bottom as I m still excited?

Nice to sit here ... relax and write about my thoughts on teaching. I m still very much a teacher in me. Always will be ... and yeah, I m still very much a blogger ... hehe.

Have a nice long weekend.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Oversold stocks : BAT and such


I didn't watch the movie ... as I seldom watch movie. Also ... I seldom watch BAT 。。。but yesterday a LONG black candle excite me. Go to the above link(to activate my dormant site. haha)

Oversold : RSI below 30

1. BAT : RSI at 22.2

2. Axiata : RSI at 29.1

3. Digi : RSI at 18.3

4. Maxis : RSI at 22.0

5. SKPetrol : RSI at 28.8

KLCI's RSI at 33 ... still above 30 as of yesterday. Today, dropping 10points (DOW down 200plus points) ... RSI should be slightly below 30?

Will like to have an e-meeting (I m only noisy during market selldown. haha) ... planning tonight 10.30pm? Will like to check on my index-linked again ...

go to : for the update on the link.

Time to get excited and BUY.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

13 habits of the self-made millionaire

13 habits of self-made millionaire, from a man who spent 5 years studying rich people

by Kathleen Elkins

Mac 18, 2016

All self-made millionaires had to start somewhere.

TEH : I have started ... failed many times, de-railed, swayed ... mistakes ... and moving on again. Start somewhere ... yes. Just start. If you have good idea to share with me or sharing opinions with me ... I will be glad to meet for coffee/dinner-date. Concrete idea ... stimulating conversation excites me!! Let's start ... somewhere ... and I am opening myself to be 'dated'.
Much of their transformation from ordinary to seven-figure status can attributed to “rich habits,” a term coined by Thomas C. Corley, who spent five years researching the daily habits of 177 self-made millionaires.

TEH : Time to read these 13 rich-habits and re-channel my focus into them.

“From my research, I discovered that daily habits dictate how successful or unsuccessful you will be in life,” he writes in his upcoming book “Change Your Habits, Change Your Life.” “There is a cause and effect associated with habits. Habits are the cause of wealth, poverty, happiness, sadness, stress, good relationships, bad relationships, good health, or bad health.”
 TEH : Time to acquire the habits ... and change my bad-habits!!

The good news is all habits can be changed, Corley notes. Here are a few “rich habits” of self-made millionaires that you can start developing today:
1. They read consistently
2. They exercise
3. They hang out with other successful people
4. They pursue their own goals
5. They get up early
6. They have multiple sources of income
7. They find and check in with mentors
8. They’re positive
9. They don’t follow the herd
10. They have good etiquette

11. They help others succeed

12. They dedicate 15 to 30 minutes a day to just thinking
13. They seek feedback

Print it out ... and stick on the wall.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Updating HK-links

Hong Kong (HSI)

It has been a long while since I updated my links ... on the side on my blog. I am checking the links, making sure it is still valid. Yes ... all the above links still valid and running. One may get loads of information about stocks trading in HKSE and more.

I like the bochk (Bank of China, HK) site the most as I do still use it to check fundamentals of those companies trading in HKSE.

go to

On the right hand side of my blog, there are LINKS. The above links used to be my frequent checks on my HKSE's trades .. but last year, I got burnt when market in China crashing down. ouch.

When market crash again ... I will move back to HKSE as that is where the value is ... many blue-chips are trading at single digit PER ... and they are huge companies. WAIT for the market to crash!!

I will be updating more on the links ... adding new ones and also work on my out-dated widgets.

Bear with me ... as I m renovating my 'home'.


Others pain, our gain?

Morning ... waking up after seeing KLCI dived 20points yesterday ... thanks to bad-news from 1MDB.

KLCI chart showing divergence with 1725 resistance level in tact. From Jan-Feb ... it rebounded to hit this resistance level a few times ... but failed breakout.

KLCI finally given up the 1700 psycho-support. So ... it is more down-side at the moment and best to stay sideway and wait patiently. Those bought some stocks days away might need to force to cut-loss.

But ... how about Gtronic? The talk in town at the moment with Apple registering not-so-good earning?

GTronic ... making headlines ... and more bad-earning reports out to press the 'darling' of semi-con ... down!! This will be one of the best waterfall (Victoria) seen for months ... the last one I traded was Maxis. Two looong black candles. Will watch for third one today ... three-black-crows ... real black!! But if it is a reversal candle, I will buy.


I still feel sorry for many retailers who might stuck at higher level. I do not take pleasure on others pain ... and when I see some of them in the telegram/watsapp group active-members 'laughing' haha ... on the stocks many painfully swallowing ... I feel that is very in-humane. I will definitely do not want to be linked to them ... these are bad human...

Personally, I have many times caught in such painful situation ... and as I m more experienced now, and with knowledge of seeing charts ... I have learnt to cut-loss. We should help others ... not on the consoling part ... but to share with them strategies or analysis. We could only advise them ... but it is up to them to make the final decision.

Many have e-mail to me ... talking about their bad experiences or their pain ... I could understand and I m a caring person. I feel the pain too ... reminding myself those experiences ... and everyone of those in markets need to learn.

UMWOG/AAX/Armada/FGV and many more: I do know someone who is still holding at IPO level.

Please do not be cynical to laugh at other people's pain. I do hope we are more empathic ... compassionate ... and caring. The world is not about you winning ... or if others losing, you feel good?

I never laugh at other people's pain. Not in stock-market ... not in real life. Not even when MU lost. It's kinda 'sick' to rub salt to others pain ... and curse them "you deserve it".

I will rather be the person to console ... to help ... to listen.

empathy : the feeling that you understand and share another person's experiences and emotions : the ability to share someone else's feelings

Those wish to have a listening ear to your pain, I could be that person but I will not advise on any of your stocks/portfolio.

I have an e-mail from a person(from Penang) ... he was holding to 10stocks or more, many in paper-loss and many speculative counters!! He came to my short workshop held in Penang in 2014-Sept/Oct ... and now doing very well after joining my stock-watch group ... and trying to follow me in trading FCPO today!!

Seriously ... I feel great ... as he is no longer punt here-there ... as he was totally new in trading, came in during the hype-of-penny-stocks time. Trade ... cut-loss ... take-profit ... based on FA + TA.

You see ... we all do mistakes! We all were newbies ... novices and ignorants too. We bought stocks due to hear-say, sms/watsapp ... reading forums, blogs, media-paper such as Edge, Focus, Star etc etc ... or base on TP given by investment banks!! Our friendly dealers/remisiers ... will recommend us some stocks to buy or apply the IPO.

We have to take responsible on our own trades. NEVER blame on others our losses.

Then ... we move on , learn from mistakes ... and perhaps, becoming wiser.

Hope my message is clear ... it is very BAD of any of us to laugh at others pain. One day ... we will face adversity or in pain too ... one day.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Waterfall : GTronic

This is after the sell-down yesterday. Long black ... closed 17% down. Crazy-ness ... due to some bad-news, sell sell sell .... as the moment, it hit RM3.95 ... rebounding to RM4.10 ... and very active.

I am catching a knife around RM4 now, cut-loss if below RM4 later closing.

Good luck ... trade at own risk. Those caught at RM5 or higher level, I feel sorry.


Friday, April 22, 2016

Workshop : Basic Financial Intelligence

This Sunday, Andrew Chia will be conducting a workshop about FINANCIAL MINDSET ... at Selayang. I will have my own workshop(trading) at Subang Jaya ... so, I can't make it. Otherwise, I m sure to attend.

Andrew Chia : He is the author of the book "Money Secret"

Those who wish to attend his workshop (or mine) ... sms//watsapp to me at 012-821 0129 for details.



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Pullback : BUY RHB's Jewels?

DOW closed slightly above 18,000 level again ... finally but KLCI hit 1727 resistance and pullback yesterday. It didn't help the sentiment for today too.

KLCI down by 4 points at the moment.

KLCI broken the important 20MA yesterday, and we are heading for pull-back. As I have sold most of my counters (some for small losses recently) ... I prefer to be patient to wait for sales.

Saw someone shared this in Facebook (thanks)... and if I have to choose FIVE ... it would be CBIP, Econpile, OKA, SOP and TunePro ... in alphabetical order.

So ... wait for pull-back ... then, BUY. Technical is meant to find an entry point.

Rest day.

Note : Reminder that this SUNDAY is the trading-workshop for those wish to join. contact me at


Monday, April 18, 2016

Mature bull or young bear?

Morning ... it is Monday. Ok ... glad they won their game. But ... this morning news should be ... the OIL diving 5% at the moment.

So ... pointing back to the interesting article by The Star : Is it a mature bull ... or is it a young bear now?

So ... how do we invest in this matured bull-market?

While DOW going for high 18,000 level ... KLCI at 1720 level is still way below the high!!

KLCI ... needing 170points to break into new high? 10%?

Some rebounded so well ... such as AirAsia(sister AAX too) or Maybulk ... but they are still WAY below their respective high. Some still at low level ... Armada just hit 70.5cents or DRB still hanging at RM1 level ... Parkson still below RM1(after one day hu-ha).

Many more stuck at HIGH level ... so many stocks to mention if I need to write a loooong list.

So ... are we in BULL markets or young bear?

One may check few stocks which trading at 52-week high (go to screener and filter for them).

While I do not see any reasons to shout 'crash', an healthy correction is needed as KLCI hitting résistance 1727 again.

I am on the mature-bull side ... not the young-bear side. So ... I m still going to trade ... breakout will be the best strategy but CUTLOSS still #1 policy. Clear for small losses ... out, it is ok to be wrong rather than stuck.

Here are POINTERS shared from the articles (which are conservative and agreeable)

1. INVEST in big caps

2. Stocks with fat gross-margin and cash-flow

3. Diversified revenue

4. Simple businesses

Those speculating on OIL prices, USD-MYR ... emm ... 1MDB ... MRT2 ... Swak election play ... emm ... whatelse ar? Just make sure you are not stuck and know how to CUTLOSS.

Do not follow blindly those blogs, forums, facebook, watsapp, telegram, broker-reports, media(printed such as The Edge, Focus Malaysia, The Star-biz) ... and anyone ...

Trust ourselves!! Learn fundamental-analysis, basic technical-analysis is sufficient.

Then ... be patient to wait. trade .... not invest.

Ok .... time to check on my FCPO. I longed overnight due to hammer formed last Friday.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

cohort 20 : next Sunday

I will be conducting a basic trading workshop next Sunday (24th April) as few of them could not make it last month (due to Cheng-Beng and Easter Day).

I will share indicators I am using (RSI, Macd and Stochastic) ... moving averages, support-resistance ... strength of each levels, candlesticks and few more things.

Then ... we will discuss about RISK ... risk management(cut-loss), position sizing(how much should we be trading) and trading plan/journal.

Basically ... I am sharing how I trade ... and how I started from zero ... to learn to trade well and consistent. It takes time ...

Yes .... only one-day workshop, then one may continue to learn by joining my stock-watch group and ask questions along the way. We have e-meeting every Monday night ... and yes, that is the best way for anyone who really wish to learn ... basic idea of trading ... with FA + TA.

Those interested ... contact me at or

check out my page

Let others to know.

Thanks and have a nice Sunday.


Friday, April 15, 2016

Impossible is nothing?

Good morning ... I m glad ... it is 4 - 3 ... crazy!!

I shared that in my facebook. haha. Feeling sooo great

Impossible is nothing?

Drew 1 - 1 in 1st leg ... playing at home last night. 0 - 2 ... down in first half. They needed to score 3 goals in the second half. Reminded me of the final in Champions League in 2005.

Pulled a goal back ... 1 - 2 ... giving some hope. TWO more goals to go. But ... the defence gave way again .. 1 - 3. It is almost game over as they needed 3 goals to win the game.

Incredibly, they scored the two goals ... to keep the score 3 - 3. Due to the away-goals ruling, they will be out of the semi if the score stands at 3 - 3.

Stoppage time ... bang!! Lovren scored!! Arghhhh ...goal. Wow ... this is near impossible.

Note : Never give up... till the game is over!

What a game ... I didn't watch as I m too tired after long days but will watch the replay. Great game!!

I always like these IMPOSSIBLE is NOTHING concept ... as we always tell ourselves "impossible la" .. without much trying.

Just like in trading ... when we lost so much, so many times ... we will tend to give-up and quietly told ourselves ... it is impossible. I have wanted to conduct trading-courses ... even before I knew what trading is all about. That was in 2008 ... the 5 yrs plan. I started to teach in end-2011 ... earlier than planned. That was my cohort 1-3.

Next weekend, I will be conducting my #20 batch!! Looking back ... I have 8 years of experiences, daily about 6 hours in markets and still learning ... being a lecturer, I always believe I could teach better than any other out there!! So ... I continued to teach as long as I m 'needed'.

cohort-20 : I am conducting a basic trading workshop next Sunday. Those interested to join me, do contact me ( ) ... yes, I still charge just a fraction of those trading workshop out there ... after all, knowledge are meant to be shared.

I still feel great ... YNWA.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tips # 1 : Cut Loss (ver 1.1)

It will never be enough to write a post ... so, I will be ver1.1 ... perhaps till version 1.9.3 etc ... till market crashing down, to make sure EVERYONE understand how important cut-loss is ... in trading or in investing.

NEVER fall in love in your stocks!!

Take Armada as an example.

BumiArmada's IPO above RM3(July 2011) ... adjusted right-issues at RM1.35 ?


Oil prices aside (as we could not control that) ... we are talking about IF we are STILL holding to ANY STOCKS ... down like crazy ... the PAIN killing you inside and you do not even want to talk about it ...


If Armada's support was at RM2.50 ... then, cut-loss needed if RM2.50 broken.

If Armada's support was at RM1 (recently ... a very strong support) ... it broken ... we have to CUT-LOSS.

Guess .... those reading these lines ... do something. You cant be holding to Sumatec at 50cents, ok? You should not be holding to BJCorp at RM1, ok?

CUT LOSS ... learn that, ok? It is OK to make the mistake ... bought FGV at IPO-level ... but it is NOT OK to hold on to it ... and HOPE.

Once we could LEARN to 'let-it-go' ... we could survive in stock-markets. I do know FGV was index-linked, a huge plantation company(I still like its land bank ... but have to admit wrong and cut-loss when RM2.20 support broken).

I do know it is painful ... it is ... afterall, we are losing 20%-30% .... or for some, 70% of the capital ... but we were too naïve, right? We might want to blame 'someone' who recommended us the stocks ... but do we realise that it is OUR decision to buy-sell?

So ... it is just my advise (alarming as it is ver 1.1 ... and 1.2 coming up soon).

Don't joke ... you  bought Kinstel at 8cents and due to the steel-rally at the moment, Kinstel will be back to 50cents level? Kidding, right? You mean ... you bought at 80cents? I do know someone holding at RM1.05 level, ok? By the way, I traded Kinstel at RM1.40 level previously when it was listed.

Get real is VERY important to newbies. If you are reading these from some forum(s) ... time for you to get out of the forum and start to learn FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS ... start to learn proper TRADING PLANs ... and technical analysis (promoting my coming cohort-20 end of this month 24th Apr if you wish to join).

Anyway ... I have heard enough of many stuck at high(including myself ... previously, but I have learnt the skill of cutting-loss).

That is how we all newbies, novices and retailers lose money in stock-markets. Remember the TREND following rules ... once the trend is over, GET OUT.

One may wants to use 200MA for long term ... another might be using 20MA ... it is OK. But sticking to the rule is more important.

Not many will want to tell truth ... PAINFUL truth about trading. Their losses ... and bad experiences. Too bad ... we have many more newbies in market, not realising that they are exposed to HIGH risk of speculating without any knowledge much about trading-plan.

PLAN .... without exit-plan ... we are not going to exit. And stuck up there ...when the stock crashing down.

TopGlove ... activated. I bought Topglove at RM4.50 and RM5 (before ex ... so, now the price should be RM2.25 and RM2.50 ... discounting the dividends) level some 2-3 yrs ago ... when 1USD = MYR3.20 level. Suddenly ... everyone is talking about USD strengthening ... the whole sector rallied. Suddenly ... we are talking about dual-listing ... the split etc etc. News and more rumours flying around. If one is buying Topglove at current level due to the noisy news, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EXIT PLAN ... and once whatever reasons pushing it up to double no longer valid, it will be crashing down. Yes, we are talking about the largest glove-counter here!! Imagine the smaller ones?

No eye see ... if ones don't know technical charting ... or fundamental readings. Need to learn to read between the lines la ...

DO NOT READ THE EDGE .... and believe the stories leh. Wake up la ... don't read blogs or forums to buy any stocks leh. Got brain, right? Use it ... tell me WHY someone want to benefit you leh? The Edge needs to sell their papers ... and also ... err ... do you think it is 'coincidentally' the stocks moved higher ... due to their reports? How about those IBs report ... c'mon ... wake-up, newbies!! Can trade ... can buy ... but an EXIT PLAN is needed, ok?

EAH : Do you know that I traded at 40cents before?

HWGB : Do you know that someone still holding at 40cents level?

HHHCorp ... 11cent is resistant now ... so active now. Yes ... buy 7cents and sell 11cents, right?

I guess you get my idea ... whatever stocks we are trading at the moment, set the CUT-LOSS level ... or else, do not speculate. Whether it is VS or AirAsia ... anything at all. Make sure we set the cutloss level.

Because ... CUT LOSS is the tips #1 ... in order to prepare for market-crash(which we don't know when).

Don't bother to time when the crash coming ...just make sure we jaga our back BEFORE it is too late.

contact me at if you wish to join my stock-watch group(to learn too).



Saturday, April 09, 2016

Large Oil Companies

#3 EXXON : As oil prices bottom out around USD26, showing double-bottom ... EXXON's chart tracking the oil-prices closely.

#5 BP : At it's low ... since the oil-spill some years ago which brought the stock-price to DIVE.

#7 Chevron : At resistance USD97 at the moment, I tried my CFD-a/c to trade her recently!! Closed at USD96.34 , traded at PER 40.

#4 : PetroChina : Strong downtrend and nearing to low at HKD4.20. PER at 24plus is definitely not cheap?

#15 CNOOC : Trading at un-demanding PER 16.5 (used to be PER single digit but profit dropped drastically due to the drop in oil prices)

#6 Shell : I chosen the one listed in KLSE ... the gap-down ... I don't follow the 'stories' and news. Shell is listed in London-Stock-Exchange.

The largest company in Malaysia will still be our Petronas.

There ... few of things I do read about ... with interests. The numbering is the ranking of the companies in the world (energy sector).

Crude-oil rebounded about 6% plus last night ... USD39 plus. Are we at the bottom? This is in everyone's mind .... especially for those stuck inside those O&G companies.

Armada : One of the largest O&G-related company in Malaysia, hitting new low yesterday (72.5cents). It used to be listed in KLCI-index-linked.


Thursday, April 07, 2016

Roller Coasters stocks

Microln : This is one is shared by one of my e-learner. It is VERY high risk trade as we could see the way it was operated. UMA will not stop the roller-coaster ride for this stock till all distributed. Yeah ... it might shoot up high to attract more retailers to jump in ... or those stuck inside to get excited and average it down?

Personally, I will not touch such stocks. Let him learn to trade.

Maybulk : Written by The Edge .... blah-blah .... about BDI and such. Shot up till UMA keluar also they don't care. Retailers, as usual ... greedy ones jumped in. INI KALI LAH ... huat-ar!! Undervalued? Someone asked me yesterday ... and I asked all the newbies in my e-learning group to avoid. Never create BAD trading habit at initial stages of your trading life ... you will find it painfully difficult to change. Don't believe me .... ask many unclee-aunties or taikors who lost so much. Pain ... will either kill us ... or make us wiser the next time.

LCheong : I don't know this counter but was asked few days ago ... about how the operators work on this one (as if I m the operator? haha). Avoid is the word ... I cant take the roller-coaster ride ... hell, ya.

XOX : Anyone STUCK inside this one? Cut-loss painfully ... and advised to QUIT stock-markets or ... pick up the pieces, be wiser and learn. No other two ways ... blame on luck will not work.

Over the years ... I have many-many roller-coaster rides and some killed me painfully. It took me awhile to place more rules in my trading so that I won't be caught off-guard by these operators which will dump the stocks after the pump.

I can always find KNM ... Sumatec ... and many more as examples. The above were mentioned to me recently and I have to strongly advice those newbies ... never-ever to trade such. But, it they insisted ... make sure you know the exit point. Even that, you will be creating BAD habits in yourself and ... you will not survive trading when market crashing down ... one day.

Good luck.


Run ... Sherlyn ... Run.

CLSA yearly feng-shui chart ... as reference only.

KLCI at 1720 level at the moment, DOW up 112 points ... so shall we see KLCI to hit resistance 1725 again?

KLCI : Daily chart... supported by 20MA.

Today ... I wish to take a rest from markets, with only 2 tuition classes. I have few positions(Suncon and such) but relatively small. Still prefer to rest and wait ...

Today .... facebook reminded a post I shared exactly 3 years ago ... let me share with my readers here a short story of my girl (named Sherlyn).

This is called kok-kok shoe ... when daddy always trying to persuade his girl to wear it. It makes kok-kok-kok sound each she tried to walk on it. Yeah ... I disposed this RM500 plastic shoe some three years ago when she started to walk on her own two feet ... when she was almost 3 yrs-old. She disliked the shoe and always refused to wear it ...

My little baby was born with ... not-so-normal feet. Bent. Crooked. So ... she could not stand and walk properly. That was some 6 years ago ... but she was a brave girl. She always try to walk on her own despite falling down many of times. The Lebam-bruise hurt daddy so much .... but we knew we have to let her ... walk by herself.

Around 4-5 years old ... her feet/toes ... slowly back to the 'normal' position. She could walk ... and run. Yes ... due to in-stability, she fell quite frequently when shew got excited and run faster.

Last year ... don't know based on what ... (haha) ... she was selected to represent her school(special) for the kejohanan-larian peringkat daerah!

She got no 4 with time 22second (75m sprint). That was last year ... so proud of her achievement, anyway.

This year ... she was selected to represent her school again. Perhaps, she could be seen running around and her teacher chosen her! haha.

She came back ... with a medal. Johan?? Serious? We asked the cikgu to confirm ... yes, she won. Wow.

The very fact that she could walk ... pleased us as parents. Then ... she could run ... and run ... without injuring herself, that will be a great pleasure to watch.

Special kids are very special. She is still learning to speak ... but she knows how to express her emotions much better now. Hope she could speak ... as normal, one day.

It will be great to see her dancing ... or swimming. She loves both ...with determination, I believe she could be a great dancer ... or swimmer.

This is a simple joy of me being daddy. :)

Never take things for granted ... if we could still walk/run ... appreciate that instead of complaining that we are not getting the NEW Nike/Adidas shoe.

Got a class now ... will share more inspiring stories. This story of mine is personal. It is real ... thru daddy's heart


Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Money Secrets

#1 Define your dream and get a burning desire for achievement

I want to be a good trader. I want to be successful in educating others about trading. And yes, I have passion in trading and teaching.

Fill in the blanks after listened to the clip few times.











Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Stocks that I traded recently

Tonight : e-meeting 9pm go to for the link.

I will talk a little about "EFGHI" and some stocks I have been trading recently. Yes, with some explanations, if asked.

THPlant : Sold at 1.29 still waiting for correction or breakout.

BIMB : Round 1 was good tho I sold too early and round 2 also sold too early. But, overall ... good trades.

BJToto : Buy-in stages ... sell in stages. Dividend 5-6%. Good for those patient and lower-risk traders.

Few more I sold ... non-liquid stocks such as KMLoong and CIMBC50. Haha ... kinda like not so liquid stocks when KLCI at high.

Stay sideway ... till yesterday started short term trading on few breakout stocks!! Discuss later.


Monday, April 04, 2016

Sumatec still in play meh?

Sumatec : Used to be very popular back then ... during mid 2014 when most penny-stocks goreng-ed. The operators came out with good news ... and it shot up, from 20plus level to above 50plus level. Speculated to hit RM1 back then ... and since then ... it dived.

At the press-time, it is trading at 11cents.

Why am I ... of sudden ... mentioned about Sumatec?

Dear operators ... have mercy on retailers. Many still stuck inside at high level. Please push it up to 20cents plus again, at least.

Someone asked if Sumatec will be a good buy at the current level. It is very difficult to answer as we do not know if he is newbie or buying to average down? So, my standard answer would be ... "do not touch speculative counters if one is newbie"

Yes ... just ignore and do not be greedy. This is already 2016 where markets are very volatile. We should not get STUCK inside these kinda stocks ... as we need to preserve our capitals for the coming crash!!

So ... I rest my case. I m just pointing to my own opinion and trade at own risk.

suma-tec = semua drop in Hakka.


Sunday, April 03, 2016

Saving Account vs Fixed Deposit

This was taken from my ex-student's facebook-status. My comments are in red.

Savings Account versus Fixed Deposit:

Failure of basic personal financial management choice.

First of all, this post is not to offend anyone in any manner. This intended to inform you how we (especially Malaysians - bitter truth) fail to make the very basic choice of increasing our wealth.
I spoke to a couple of friends of mine in these few weeks about their personal financial management. Some of them has decent financial ability (in the context of a student). 'Big financial ability' means they do have decent amount of money in their bank account.

TEH : Most of students got their money from parents. Unless they worked part-time, earned their own pocket-money and SAVED them ... those more privileged-students need to understand the VALUE of money. Well ... the students who worked part-time and earned their savings will do much better financially (generally) than those not.

However, when I asked them why don't they save their money in Fixed Deposit instead of savings account, the first few questions popped out of their mouth was 'Isn't it risky?', 'What's the difference?', 'If it is a better financial product, why do people still save money in savings account? Means there is something chicky, isn't it?

It is really saddening for me. The basic knowledge of financial freedom is not known to most of us.

1) What's the difference between savings account and fixed deposit?

Savings account, as its name suggests, is an account for us to save our money. The minimum money for us to put in savings account varies from bank to bank, some starts from as low as RM10!

The return we will get from saving money in savings account (in Malaysia) is typically between 0.1% to 0.3% per annum (per year).

We can withdraw money whenever we want, at any amount at our own discretion.

The most liquid financial product (the easiest way to deposit and withdraw money).

Fixed deposit, in contrast to savings account, is a financial instrument where we 'lock' our money for a promised period of time with the bank, from as low as 1 month to as long as 60 months (or even more!).

The minimum money for us to put in savings account varies from bank to bank and the tenure as well. Some starts from RM10000 for 1 month and some starts from RM500 for 3 months.
The return we get from saving our money in fixed deposit (in Malaysia) is typically between 3% to 4% per annum, depending on the tenure as well. To put it simple, the longer the tenure, the higher the return is.

We can withdraw money whenever we want, but no partial withdrawal is possible. This means that, if we fix deposit RM5000, we have to withdraw RM5000 and basically we will lose all the interest if it is prematurely withdrawn. YOU DON'T LOSE THE RM5000 (CAPITAL), ONLY THE RETURN (INTEREST).

I view this as liquid as savings account as well. Will explain this later.

TEH : Yes, generally speaking ... FD(fixed deposit) giving us better interest than the SA(saving account). If one have ASB a/c, we should put our money there as it yields much better interest (about 6-7% p.a). It is liquid too. ASB is where my cash-portfolio is. It is under my wife's name and the risk would be ... if my wife runs away? haha.

Isn't it risky?

Hell no! There is totally no risk associated with fixed deposit, especially in Malaysia with all the law in place and PIDM insuring your deposit with bank. So, why bothered to switch your savings from savings account to fixed deposit?

If that's the case, why do people still want to save money in savings account?

This is a universal question, in which I failed to answer until few months back.

The answer is simple, CHOICE.

Even I had this issue of switching my money from savings account to fixed deposit. The laziness of doing so is one issue, the mindset of 'what if I need my money tomorrow?' is another. But once I started practicing to save my money in fixed deposit, the mindset simply changes to 'no, that money is for saving purposes, don't touch it!'. And even if I need the money, I can just withdraw it.
So, why bother so much to save in fixed deposit?

TEH : Yes, the main reason to put our money in FD (besides higher interests rate), is to FORCE us to SAVE. As many of us are into consumerism and buying-mentality, to save that 'extra' is a great challenge itself. PAY YOURSELF first (at least 10% of our income) needs to be implemented here ...

Example : If I m earning RM4000 .... then RM400 should be placed into SAVING ACCOUNT, accumulate it to ... say RM1200(RM400 x 3) and put them into the FD (say for 3months) and then consolidate it into another new FD a/c with RM2400 plus the interest ( another RM400 x 3). By end of the year, we will have RMRM4800 plus the interests. Then by next year, put RM4800 + interest into a one year tenure and grow the next 3-month of your 10% saving into a new FD.

Got the idea? This is basic ... simple and do-able.

It is basically the return.

If I save RM10000 for 10 years in:

- Savings account, with 0.3% return per year, at the end of year 10, there will be
10000(1.003)^10 amount of money in my account, provided I reinvest the money I get from first year to second year and so on (compounding effect).

- Fixed deposit, with 3% return per year, at the end of year 10, there will be 10000(1.03)^10 amount of money in my account, provided I reinvest the money I get from first year to second year and so on (compounding effect).

Am I hiding something?

Fixed deposit does have an issue. You can't do partial withdrawal and if you do so, you won't get your return for the year. Basically, you might need to withdraw your money within a year. There is a solution to this. Banks do provide 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months etc tenure of fixed deposit. Therefore, if you lock your money with 1 month fixed deposit, you will receive your return for the first month and you can withdraw the following month.

The bank will never (OR RATHER CANNOT) stop you from withdrawing money within your tenure. So, THERE IS TOTALLY NO LIQUIDITY PROBLEM WITH FIXED DEPOSIT.

Why bother so much about the return, isn't it only a bit of difference?

Do calculate from the digits I gave above and see by yourself.


TEH : It is not small ... the compounded interest effect. Be more worry of LACKING of discipline to save 10% ... start somewhere, somehow. 0.3% vs 3% .... definitely it is NOT small in long-run. What is you could find an instrument giving 6% or even 12% p.a? That requires knowledge and understanding of the instruments, the risk involved.

Yeah ... I wanted to comment on his post (last month) but forgotten. Also, I wanted to write in greater details on how&why many do not understand personal finances ... I was ONE of them, obviously. It is still fresh for me ... merely some 5-8yrs ago!!

We all need to take control of our personal finances. We need to learn to understand how all those money-related to our lives work.

Got another 'new' post by him and will want to reply that too.

Have a nice Sunday.