Friday, March 04, 2016

Watch : The BIG SHORT

I bought the DVD ... to watch it over-and-over again ... and to start to short FKLI in BIG when we see craziness in market (when the herd is back ... and blue-skies everywhere).

If you have not watched the movie ... and you are in financial-market, perhaps the movie might interest you. If you do not show a sign of interest at all ... perhaps, financial markets NOT suitable for you.

SHORTING HOUSING BOND? He must be crazy to go against the banks!!

Me? Crazy person like me will be watching the movie ... and inviting friends to watch with me!! I will put up the screen/projector ... and I will explain how we could do that --- BIG SHORT.

How is that?

To start with, I m meeting few readers/traders who have e-mail to me ( ) on their preparation. One of my preparation is thru FKLI.

Dinner-date : Tonight, I will be meeting a person who seen 2008 market-crash and he wrote me a detailed ways of his preparation which one of the pointer is very good. He was from my e-learning group and will be glad to meet him.

So .. I m preparing for my another date ... collecting ideas what we should be doing, in preparation from the market crash ... BEFORE it crashes.

Have a nice day


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