Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Stock Watch : VS

This morning I wrote about VS ... just giving example that we do need to CUT-LOSS if the strong support broken ... in the case ... RM1.10 cannot break-leh.

I have bought VS recently at RM1.19 level and sold off in 3 days time at RM1.30 level as it hit 20MA too fast. Today will be a good time to buy at closing with many more "EXPORT" stocks rebound last minute ... due to MYR4.12, is it?

Oil just breached USD38 ... but most O&G counters in KLSE not re-acting to the 'good' news.

cohort-19 : I m planning to have a whole-day trading workshop end of this month (27th Mac) ... and those who wish to learn ah-pek style of REAL trading .. from real trader, contact me at or 012-821 0129.

Time to rest ... and will write more.


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