Monday, March 28, 2016

Resting week

Monday morning ... good morning!! I am still thrill by my trading-workshop yesterday as it has been a while that I conducted one. Anyway, few could not make it due to cheng-beng or Easter-day.

So ... I will re-schedule another one next month (24th April) for them. Those interested to participate, do contact me. Thanks.

EG : I read about their planning to list in SET(Thai's exchange) ... is it? I don't read much but the chart is not good. It has been down about 30% plus from the peak and now we hope that it wont break 83cents ... otherwise, the next support would be around 78cents. Yes ... running so so fast last year ... do you chased and failed to cut loss?

With classes slowing down due to exams going on, and KLCI on pull-back mode (cleared all), I will want to take a rest .... and planning for April to come.

What I will be reading ... are related to stock-market crashes and preparation for it.

The S&P500 and DOW bearish-crossover was discussed last night, showing charts and some sites, stating 2016 is a CRASH year. Many yelling that ... including R.Kiyosaki.

So ... listening to the bear-camp ... and I still don't see why 2016 will crash??

Perhaps ... we just prepare for it?

#1 : Capital Preservation

#2 : Prepare Bullets

#3 : Tools

#4 : Knowledge and Experiences.

These are my pointers I m drawing them out at the moment.

Time to go to gym ...


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