Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Punt : EKA or Bison?

Another resting day for me ... so, I went for coffee alone to read a trading book. I have many books to read but hardly find the time ...

... as KLCI up 10points today, rebounded from 20MA support and going into end-month Mac (window dressing ... April will be un-dressed?).

BISON bulling into KLSE today ...

Anything else?

Oh yes ... I got to know that ANZO is that goreng-Harvest. Haha ... Harvesting during end-May, ya.

Those newbies in KLSE will not know the nice Harvest flew from 20cents plus to RM2 plus in less than one month!! Haha ... and CRASH ... trapped all greedy gamblers and punters. Feel sorry for those ignorant ones!!

Perhaps I should show all EKA which I discussed in my weekly e-meeting with my trading members, REMINDING them not to punt or gamble in such stocks ... market NOT crash yet. Capital preservation is rule #1 in trading as ... when market REALLY crash ... one fine day, we NEEDS my tips #2 ... BULLETS to buy as huge as possible.

EKA ... try to guess who STUCK inside ... those NEVER learn their lessons punters/gamblers la. Kena burnt from Sumatec ... XOX ... CSL ... Hibiscus ... those kaki-punters making noises in kopi-tiams, forums or telegram/facebook group!! They will NOT learn ... and will get badly burnt or stuck when market ... finally decided to CRASH ...

Ok ... I have given TWO tips for preparation in market-crash so far

#1 : Cut Loss or Capital Preservation

#2 : Preparing bullets

It overlaps ... as if we do not cut-loss, how are we going to have bullets? If we stuck inside EKA (slap yourself for being ignorant, move on) ... how are we going to escape? Nothing could be done except HOPE ... they will goreng again la.

As I was reading the book, I found these lines ... so, I took the pix and sent to our facebook-group ... to remind my trading members NEVER to buy so-called cheap stocks. Those PENNY ... those greedy to play on few bits. The bad HABITS ... will be VERY VERY difficult to correct.

Due to that ... as I m planning to be a good trader, I have to refrain myself from punting here and there. I create a system to trade, in order to be consistent.

Example : EconBhd ... waiting for breakout to take position as construction in play at the moment.

I traded EconBhd previous ... as I could understand the fundamentals and characteristics better ... than EKA?? Both is E ... one in play to TRADE ... another is to PUNT ... see the difference between traders and punters?

Traders PLAN ... buy on breakout. Cut-loss if breakout fails ... punters buy EKA for 2 cents spike, hoping to earn some pocket money. In loooong run, who will be consistent?

THINK before you punt in your next stock!! Majority in KLSE are PUNTERS ... not traders or investors, ok?

I shall leave this page ... with an advice for newbies (less than 3 yrs in KLCI). Do not bother to punt ... you will lose to the operators and ... you will regret, one day. Keep bullets ... prepare for crash, ya!

Have nice day


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