Thursday, March 10, 2016

Listen to the Sound of Your Dream

Morning ... it is 11am ... I have just finished a tuition-class. Busier for past few weeks due to exams nearing ...

As for trades, KLCI rebounded today and I have nothing much to trade. Just took Hevea at 1.23 (like the number) and sold at RM1.30 yesterday due to hitting resistance 20MA. Few hundred bucks is ok ... and now rest. Doing nothing ... I will listen to inspirational clips.

Sharing this morning title "Listen to the Sound of Your Dream"

I do not know her ... I saw someone in FB sharing this clip and like the title ... and been listening for 3rd time now as I m 'banana' ... I cant understand 30-40% of what she is trying to share. I will listen to 8-10 times ... and trying to figure-out what she is trying to say.

But I knew she is trying to share how she struggled and listen to the sound of her dream ... and realising and living it now. Great inspirational stories ...

I do have my own stories to share ... my struggles since I was in KK ... from being financially broke some 10years ago when I have my boy ... to current level, where I no longer in debt but still struggle to find the roadmap to my dream ... of financially free!!

I have been in markets for some 8 yrs now ... no longer a newbie. I m in novice level, dreaming of capitalising from the coming market-crash.

The dream came in 2009 ... where markets recovered so so fast ... and I do profit well in HKSE.

So ... since then ... I have a dream of profiting from the next market crash. Yes, how could I position myself to gain hugely ...

In 2009 ... I have just lost so much during the 2008 crash. I was too new ... I do not understand many things ... but I promised myself to gain hugely in the next crash!! To do that, I need at least 5-6yrs of experience ... and now , I m in my 8th year ... hopefully market will not crash in 2016 as I m not prepared YET.

Did you ever dream ... plan for YEARS ... and understand that we need to be patience, preserve and persistent? My 3 "P" that in my mind.

While many more yak-ing around about trading, talked a lot in forums etc etc .... I m in my own focus ... to make sure I m leading to my dream.

Listen to the sound of my dream ... I know I m going to realise my dream ... soon?

Two days ago ... I went to my first radio-interview. This internet-radio is quite new (1 year old) and this is Mr Eric who interviewed me (together with author Andrew Chia, one of my guru ... so privileged to join them).

They interviewed me about how I managed to get-out of my full-time teaching in colleges for 20plus years ... and quit my job(mid 2014). Yes, I opened my own tuition-center (A-Star tuition center). Turning to be an entrepreneur has been everyone's dream ... but never mine.

My plans of quitting full-time job(for 5 yrs of planning, actually) finally materialised. Then ... what is next? Well ... as I mentioned during the interview ... to open another center this year!! Expansion is the only logical plan!!

But ... nothing came easy ... nothing. In fact, it is too difficult as it needs courage ... and take that plunge! Being a teacher for 20plus years, confined to classrooms ... I knew NOTHING about biz. So ... that is scary, honestly.

Ask any entrepreneurs ...

What is my dream again?

Answer : Financially independent.

From my failures in goring-keropok back in Sabah ... failed in 2008 with my initial stage being in markets ... I have tried too many things and failed too many times.

But .. my focus is still there. To learn well about trading so that I could capitalise on the coming market-crash. I want to be prepared.

If my tuition-center could grow further ... and turning into a college one day, why not?

I may-not be too ambitious ... I just want to be financially free ... to be able to support my family, help those needy-ones ... and be able to be free to travel whole Malaysia on my bike!!

The moment is nearing .. as I m meeting another date tonight for dinner (date #6). The topic is ... HOW are we preparing for the market crash?

Time for lunch ... classes whole afternoon later.

Have a nice day.


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