Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bullish sentiment ... again?

It is Sunday ... I do need a good rest after being attacked by heat-wave.

This morning, I brought my family for the hot-balloon air festival at Putrajaya. But after 11am ... it is very hot. We took a boat-ride ... to hide away from the heat but it is still VERY hot. Came back ... and took a good nap!!

Anyway, I received a call regarding my up-coming uncle's style of trading-workshop. I m glad he called (012-821 0129)... and that is the easiest way to explain the contents of my 8-hour workshop(cohort-19) this coming 27th Mac. Yes, after a day workshop, one may continue to join in my stock-watch group which we will trade 'live' together and attend e-meeting every Monday night for updates and further learning purposes.

Cohort-19 : A one-day workshop on 27th Mac(Sunday) from 9am to 6pm. e-mail

Back to some analysis ... as I m in full-cash position while the market inching higher!!

DOW breaking higher ... up 200plus points, above 17000 level now. Soon ... all those yelling CRASH will be quieten and those so-called sifu-promoters coming out to say ... gogogo to many stocks. Will penny stocks in play again? Now we are goring-ing few hot stocks, so that the operators could DISTRIBUTE more to the greedy ignorant retailers ...

and ... stuck inside them ... then ... after distribution ... it will be quiet again during market correction while the bearish camp yelling CRASH. And the cycles repeat ... while we will be in heat-wave .. in daze of the going-on.

Bull or bear ar, actually? Can just tell ar?

I posted an interesting chart there : Go to and like the page, ya!

I m still bullish in equities for 2016(but not for long) and ... as gold break 1240 resistance, GOLD will be in favour in such uncertainty time. We have negative interest-rate coming into market, we have more QE from Japan and ECB ... yes, China will continue to cut-rates to ... err ... spur the economy? Devaluation of currencies ... and so on. Not to mention the politics ... US election ... to Malaysia's 1MDB stories. By now, many of us knew Zeti is stepping down and guess who will be up there?

Thinking of that ... it wont be good for MYR, right? Besides, Jim Roger's is bullish on USD. So ... once USD-index break 100 level ... we shall see the export-stock theme in play AGAIN ... and do u know why? Because operators need to DISTRIBUTE to retailers ... knowing that 2016 onwards will be of high risk to be in equity-markets. Well ... if we are newbies, we will be hit ... and stuck into such ... and by the time we realised ... we are in deep red.

For example ... those China-stocks. Check out CSL if you like stationeries or MSport if we like shoes!!

CSL : This will NEVER recover for those having her at IPO level or punt into her after it surged ... I remember RM1.40plus? Now at 10cents level.

MSports : 3yrs ago ... it was at 50cents level. A remisier-friend asked me to check on them as someone went to check on the company in China and was impressed with the company's plan. I told him over the dinner that I do not trust those data published in Bursa by these companies (from China). So ... I will not dare to touch. Now ... it is under 10cents? Will never recover too.

There are many more ... XinQuan, Maxwell ... got one wine-stock? I can't remember them as I have deleted them from my list some 3-4 years ago.

Note : Many China-stocks listed in KLSE are low PE, cash-rich ... and shown good biz-plans. But alas ... many are empty talks and taken their listed status for a ride. WE ... the ignorant retailers STUCK into them ... and that is kinda ... stupid of us?

Do you want more examples how we ... as retailers are vulnerable and could be caught into these stocks ... and STILL hoping to recover? Don't hope ... facing reality is pain, but it is a must.

AAX will be another example ... for a failed IPO. right-issues at 22cents, IPO was at RM1.20(adjusted to around 80cents) and it went below 20cents ... with the turn-around stories out, now we are seeing 30cents with many funds/retailers STILL stuck at higher price.

SPACs : How about the failing of SPACs ....? Bunga-raya layu comes into mind as I lost in the dive!!

 Hibiscus :There you are ... from RM1 plus ... dive till 20cents level. They cant find oil ... and too bad.

If you are very new to stock-market ... welcome to the legalised-casino , where you are playing with many crooks!! Not many people will tell you the truth ... including 'media'? Be street-smart. ASK ASK ASK ... use common-sense(which NOT common in stock-market).

Seriously ... that is how many newbies STUCK in so many stocks and do not know what is hitting them. You need to pay me for dinner/coffee if you are to ask me. Come to my trading-workshop or join my trading-group to understand more.

I have not given many more examples on the speculative counters such as ... err ... Sumatec, XOX,  Iris ... oh yes, our baby IFCA(forgotten liao ... many still STUCK inside leh). Many more ways ... how retailers lose money. I could write a whole chapter for my book!!

If you are losing money now and market NOT crashing yet ... still STUCK inside many stocks and market NOT even crash yet ... do be VERY worry.

IF you hope for CSL, MSports ... err ... AAX to move back to IPO value, perhaps help yourself to wake-up to reality.

Move on ... prepare for the market to crash ... one day, we might be able to recover the losses and gain hugely?



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