Wednesday, March 02, 2016

AirAsia at resistance

KLCI daily chart ... hitting 1680 at the moment, 200MA at 1678. Yup ... see if could breakout of 1680 resistance.

Note : I am in cash position ... with nothing much to do. So ... I m free to blog.

AirAsia is HOT now ... due to profit-report. Hitting resistance at 1.60 level NOW ... someone ask if could buy? NO NO ... it is a SELL leh. High RSI, at resistance ... good news out in bullish sentiment. Sell la ... can wait for retracement to RM1.45 support la.

Dinner date : I have responded to THREE readers who wrote to me regarding discussion on MARKET CRASH ... and preparation. Yes, they wrote in kinda details on how THEY are preparing. It will be a good date ... to share with them my preparations too.

For those wish to share with me HOW you prepared(or preparing) for the coming market crash, e-mail to me(  ... with few concrete pointers. I will reply and get-in-touch with you. We will share opinions and experiences on how we could capitalise on the coming crisis.

prep·a·ra·tion (prepəˈrāSH(ə)n/)
  1. the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration.

By the way, I have met FOUR of my friends ... for coffee-date. The same question I posted to them ...

date # 1(PJ SS2): He joined my trading-group and learning about trading/investing in KLSE. His father was active in Bursa too and profited a lot from 1998 market crash. So ... he wants to treat me coffee(thanks) to have some pointers on how to prepare for market-crash. Well ... he could always have guidance from his dad too. Prepare "BULLETS" , he said. Haha.

date #2 : He is an author of a book and I read his book when I started trading some years back. Glad to have known him and becoming friends.

date # 3 : He was with my e-learning group(batch one) and been following my trades closely. Learning trading a hard-way ... practical real trades. And he is obviously not prepared for the crash, yet.

date #4 : Last night had a dinner with ex-colleague ... could only ask her to get out of markets, keep cash and wait for crash ... then, look for me again!

As I m too busy with classes, those meeting me need to be around PJ/SJ ... but I have responded to one from Penang. Yes ... I will drive up to meet him ... as he wrote me good pointers on his preparations.

More coffee-dates to come ... as I m talking to more investors/traders ... personally.

Will share my compilation ... perhaps into a book!! Haha


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