Monday, February 15, 2016

Stock Watch : Kossan

Kossan : I sold part at RM6.94 .... q sell all at  RM6.98 but it was done at RM6.99, last minute gapped up. RM7 is a psycho-resistance level at the moment.

Kossan is trading below 200MA ... at RM7.42 level at the moment. Technical trading do not listen much to noises on USD/MYR ...

I bought during the white-candle after two LONG black-candle ... and will discuss Kossan trade this Wednesday during my e-learning .... as these are discussed 'live' when I bought it.

Yes ... read my previous post BEFORE I bought Kossan, ok?

What else a 'teacher' could do ... discussing before the buying and the whys .... then told 'live' after sold. In case some non-members but readers here bought into it .... at least I openly telling all I have sold, ok? Am I supposed to know if it could go higher than RM7 ... or post it here again that I m buying?

It is difficult call (buy or sell) as we could never know others risk-appetite or time-frame. Also ... we could never know their knowledge level, experience level ... right?

We all need to LEARN to understand how stocks move .... up-down is common. Market in 2016 onwards could be very volatile due to oil-myr play .... besides the political un-stabilities in our country, Malaysia.

Note : Kossan hit RM7 during opening and at press-time(haha ... find myself being humourous) ... it is trading at RM6.91.

Time to go to gym .... belly bloated due to CNY makan-makan.

Trade at own risk. Learn fundamental-analysis .... and use technical-charting to help in our trading plan.


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