Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stock Watch : Furniture AGAIN?

Good morning ... nice to work out-door today. lim-teh ... nice and relaxing with my headphone on.

FLBHD : I bought at average RM2.07 but sold too early at RM2.25 (now at RM2.46 and I asked my trading group to SELL) ... I sold as it went up 10% in a day, many retailers jumping in .... I moved the funds to buy Hevea-wb and Evergreen. Anyway, FLBhd is another good technical rebound trade after Maxis, Axiata, BIMB, Kossan ... so many rebounded so well and I do not have trading-funds ... I missed YeeLee ... arrghhh ...

Hevea : See hevea-evergreen-pohuat-homeriz and gang lagging behind the HOT FLBhd ... so, I sold FLBhd for them!! Bought Hevea-wb in morning ... not so liquid and gapped up ... grabbed average 96cents .... and just sold off at RM1.09 done!! What a bull ....

Evergreen : She was in RED ... very red ... until recently green ... if one know how to see this chart so nice (I discussed on Monday night e-meeting with the group) and bought next morning Tues(yesterday) ... today SELL? hmm ... up 10% in a day is a SELL. Many still chasing, I guess.

Note : Never to chase up the stocks!! This is for NEWBIES. Wait for stocks to retrace leh. If you chase, most probably me&group selling to you, ok?

e-learning : Tonight e-learning will discuss a little on these technical rebound and sharing with the group how to check. Those wish to join the learning group (thru internet), contact me ... before tonight 9.30pm. I will share those lessons.

stock-watch : Those wish to join my trading group, do contact me.

Note : I will be selling Evergreen, VS and Karex soon. I do tell all in the group 'live' when I bought, ok?

Thanks and have nice day.



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