Monday, February 29, 2016

Kossan and Harta

Kossan : Broken the 200MA. It has reversed from the strong uptrend ... and now it is a downtrend. Do not catch, unless one is doing for short-term technical rebound.

Recently, I traded Kossan ... and it rebounded for me to sell. Now, it has even broken the Rm6.50 level ... which showing this is a downtrending stock now. It is the best to avoid.

Hartalega : Note that the MA100 and MA200 broken. So ... that will be the level to SELL if one is so-called long term investor or planning to buy into her. For a short-term rebound .. it is risky too if we don't know how. Harta rebounds about 3% at the moment.

Note : One may use 100MA to SELL those strong uptrend stocks. If the stocks trading BELOW 100MA, sell. For 200MA, it will be too deep ...


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