Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How do you prepare for market CRASH?

KLCI down today ... minus 13 but FKLI holding strongly. So, I shorted another when it rebounded. Still holding well ... but ...

DOW minus 200points at the moment. See how KLCI could hold on? Luckily sold off most of my stocks ... and by the way, I sold UMWOG at 1.07-1.08 yesterday ... and it gapped down below RM1.

Question : HOW do you prepare for the coming market crash? Are you prepared?

e-mail me at for the response and I will be glad to share with all that I am still in the midst of my preparation ... on market crash!!

After compile the feedbacks from all, I will personally meet those with great response as it will give me IDEA on my preparation. I will like to treat you a good dinner.

It is open to all. Hope to hear from you, readers.



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